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How to Build an Empyrean Weapon in FFXI

PennyNovember 03rd, 2022

Last time, we have written an article about how to make Mythic Weapons in FFXI, and this time, we’ll continue with the weapon series by introducing how to build an Empyrean Weapon in Final Fantasy XI.

FFXI Mythic Weapon Guide – How to Make One

PennyOctober 12th, 2022

Mythic Weapons, or "The Myriad Arms of Bahrain," are twenty weapons (one for every job except Geomancer and Rune Fencer) obtained through the "Arms of Balrahn" series of quests. There is a weapon skill associated with each weapon. If you want to know how to make one, then you are in the right place. Cloudchief’s video will walk us through the process of making a Mythic Weapon.

FFXI Top Five Best Weapons for Dark Knights and Warriors & Where to Find

DanikhanSeptember 27th, 2022

Most players are confused about selecting a weapon in FFXI. So, here are the top five best weapons for Dark Knights and Warriors, which are Ragnarok, Apocalypse, Ukonvasara, Conqueror, and Bravura.

FFXI Guide to Ultimate Weapons

ivicamilaricSeptember 19th, 2022

Here is an FFXI weapons guide that will showcase all of the relevant facts about ultimate weapons and how any player can reach and use them to the biggest effect.

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