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Winners of the ESO Holiday Fan Art Contest

Delia Woolf Date: December 19th, 2017 Views: 11827 eso announcements eso contests eso event eso gold eso items



We recently wrapped up our ESO Holiday Fan Art Contest and we were overjoyed to see so many creative and detailed entries! Check out the full article to see the winners and some of our favorites.


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While going through all the entries and voting on our picks, this submission by Katarzyna Rachańska in Poland was the favorite by a landslide. The quality and creativity of the piece is sure to warm your heart, and it perfectly evokes the spirit of the holidays. In addition to receiving a host of prizes, including a new Wacom tablet, Katarzyna's artwork will be displayed on our social media channels later this month and will be featured on the annual holiday card from ZeniMax Online Studios. Congratulations, Katarzyna!



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Our runners up will receive a number of exciting prizes, including a collection of exclusive ESO mini-posters, for their incredible submissions.


By: Agata Rachańska in Poland


By: mockingrabbit in Germany



Our honorable mentions will receive an ESO Crown Pack and loveable mudcrab in-game pet for placing with their stunning entries.


By: Marta Jurkowska in Poland


By: Morteraphan in Russia


By: Yuliya Goncharova in Russia



In addition to the winners above, we wanted to highlight some of our other favorite entries. Congratulations to everyone, and happy holidays!




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