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Wild Hunt: New ESO Crown Crate season has begun

Delia Woolf March 07th, 2017 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Spring is in the air and a new ESO Crown Crate season has begun. It's time to embrace nature with the fresh spoils of The Elder Scrolls Online's Wild Hunt!



In the Beginning Times, Y'ffre's Naming gave all the creatures of Nirn their shapes. When the Wood Elves invoke the Wild Hunt, creatures forget their Y'ffre-taught shapes and shift into unnatural forms. It's a dangerous power, because once unleashed, it's almost impossible to control, and the effects may spread beyond what was intended. Wild Hunt-affected creatures revert to the shapeshifting chaos of the Dawn Era, becoming part plant and part animal, as wonderful as they are abominable.


For the first time since the launch of the Crown Crates we have cycled the seasons. This means we have retired the Storm Atronach crates with their uniquely themed items and other collectibles. Starting today, we introduce a spirited new set and call on you to join the Wild Hunt.


Heeding the call will give you a chance to acquire the following themed items:




In addition to the Apex rewards, we're introducing new content to the Superior, Epic, and Legendary categories, too. This new season gives you a chance to obtain a variety of collectibles you might have missed in previous limited-time offers. Or, they can also contain other retired cosmetic items, pets, mounts, or even new furnishing items such as the impressive Statue or Tapestry of Hircine which are waiting to bring some wildness into your new home.



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