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Useful Guides for New and Veteran Players from the Community of Elder Scrolls Online

Welcome to ESO Community Guides, our rundown of some of the most informative, interesting, and entertaining community-created guides from the month. We are thrilled to see the community creating such detailed and useful guides for new and veteran players alike.



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Tianlein – Quick Tips for Beginners in ESO

Tianlein provides a series of quick tips for players brand new to The Elder Scrolls Online, including information on Skills, leveling, mounts, and more! If you're looking for some smart tips to get you started in Tamriel, look no further!



Dottz Gaming – ESO Complete Beginner Guide

Dottz has provided a massive guide that details almost everything you need to know if you're a new player in The Elder Scrolls Online. It's a big one, so be sure to check out the timestamps if you're looking for something specific.



Get The Edge Gaming - Warden Leveling Build / Guide

Are you roaming Tamriel with ESO's newest class? Check out this leveling guide that'll help you get your Warden to level 50 as soon as possible with information on the best early gear, Mundus stones, race choice, and skills!



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Alcast – Guide Halls of Fabrication (veteran)

Alcast returns with an in-depth guide to the game's newest Trial, the Halls of Fabrication. HoF is a challenging Trial so if your group is having trouble completing it, his guide is well worth a look.



Shimmer – Nchuleftingth Boss Locations

Looking to farm items (including the Dwarven Theodolite parts) and XP? The public dungeon Nchuleftingth in Vvardenfell is a great option. Check out Shimmer's quick guide on how to find all of the dungeon's bosses.





Latronis – Warden Hybrid Healer / DPS Build

Latronis brings an interesting Warden build that does a little of everything! This build is designed to both keep your party alive in PvE content and help provide solid DPS on the side.



Legendary Gaming – Magicka Sorcerer PvE DPS Build

Legendary brings a damaging Magicka Sorcerer build that's designed for PvE group content with good sustain and high DPS.



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