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  • Update 12 of Elder Scrolls Online Brings Players together in One Tamriel
    By John Ryan2016-10-11 00:00:00


    The launch of the One Tamriel free update on PC brings a complete overhaul to many gameplay mechanics for The Elder Scrolls Online. Xbox One and Playstation 4 users will be able to visit the new and improved Tamriel on October 18th.

    The free update removes the Alliance restrictions, thus allowing players to group with any other player in the world regardless of faction. This will make looking for a pick-up group for questing a lot easier than before.

    Not only has the grouping restrictions been lifted, but all zones will scale to your current level. This means that adventurers can now venture to anywhere in the open-world as soon as the tutorial is complete.

    This mechanic creates a truly open world for all characters no matter how long you have been playing or what alliance you chose. Your character's level will scale to the zone in which they're adventuring. This freedom has always been at the heart of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

    Even better, One Tamriel is included with Update 12 at no cost for ESO players. To commemorate the One Tamriel and Update 12 launch on PC and Mac, enjoy a peek into what awaits in the “Introducing One Tamriel" video.

    One Tamriel

    One Tamriel changes the game so that grouping with characters of different alliances and levels is easy. Gone are the days of needing to make an alt in order to play with friends due to a difference in levels and/or alliance. We have removed alliance restrictions for all PVE areas of the game—now Daggerfall Covenant characters can quest with their rivals in the Aldmeri Dominion. Even the Ebonheart Pact can get involved. Don't worry, you can still battle in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City!

    This open-world freedom doesn't end with questing and exploring the far reaches of Tamriel. One Tamriel also expands your ability to find groups to explore dungeons or take on Trials. It also opens the door for more diverse groups to adventure together, so you can begin forging your legend from Eastmarch to Shadowfen and beyond. If you've already explored every corner of Tamriel, consider taking a new adventurer out with you and show them the ropes—your characters will scale to any zone you wish to visit.

    Craglorn Updates

    This group zone has been re-designed so that some of the content can now be played solo, including the main story. The remaining group content has been scaled down so that you and a friend can tackle any challenge with just the two of you. We have even removed the group number restrictions. We understand these are a lot of changes, so you will be able to complete all of the quests in Craglorn even if you have done them before!


    Nothing beats the clash of swords and the flash of spells, especially when you can challenge anyone you come across to a duel. You can now initiate a one-versus-one fight by using the /duelcommand. You're able to duel against another player anywhere in a non-PVP overland zone, even cities. If you don't wish to be challenged to duels, you can go to your Social Panel and select an auto-decline for duels.

    Normal & Veteran Dungeons

    Our dungeon system is there to reward adventure. Now you can enter any dungeon through two modes: Normal and Veteran. Normal difficulty offers the experience for beginners and explorers with less travel in their packs, while Veteran difficulty really challenges your party. These modes will be defined as Version I for Normal and Version II for Veteran to make it easy to understand.


    We've rebalanced itemization for One Tamriel so that you get meaningful rewards appropriate for your character's actual level no matter where you are or what level your character is scaled to. This change gives you and your fellow adventurers a higher chance to find items you could use anywhere, even in lower-level zones. Each zone and dungeon in the game will drop three sets for their respective armor type: light, medium, or heavy. All of these drops will scale up to CP 160. If your seasoned CP-capped hero hasn't been back to his or her favorite low-level zone in a while, consider going back—you might find a great new CP 160 item!

    Weapon Ultimates

    All the hard work you've put into training your Weapon Skill Lines is about to pay off. Introducing Weapon Ultimates! Once you reach Rank 50 in your Weapon Skill Line, you'll be able to train in that weapon's Ultimate ability. Each weapon has one Ultimate, each of which has two possible morphs from which to choose.

    Champion Points

    The Champion Point cap has now been raised by 30 points: 10 points each has been given to the red, blue, and green constellations. For this cap to go into effect, we had to create a much better curve. With One Tamriel you will earn Champions Points faster in the beginning. These early points will require much less experience so you can get up to speed faster.

    A Little Something Extra

    One Tamriel brings a massive overhaul to the game. Now with zones and dungeons at your fingertips right from the beginning, we wanted to make sure we included some other goodies for our battle-hardened adventurers. Here are just a few of the additional things you can look forward to with Update 12:

    •     30 new Item Sets

    •     110 new Dungeon Achievements to support the new Veteran and Normal difficulties

    •     3 new Crafting Motifs

    •     16 new Monster Mask Item Sets

    Update 12 Crown Store Offerings

    With the launch of One Tamriel and Update 12, you'll find several new Crown Store offerings to further personalize your characters and show off your alliance pride:

    •     Alliance War Horse & Alliance War Dog

    •     Alliance Rider Outfit & Alliance Rider Hood

    •     Commander Personality


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