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The Templar Guide of the Elder Scrolls Online

Delia Woolf December 06th, 2016 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Templar is a Class in Elder Scrolls Online. These traveling knights call upon the power of light and the burning sun to deal massive damage to their enemies while restoring health, magicka and stamina to their allies. The Templar is a defensive champion, channeling the power of the sun to strengthen himself, aid allies, and smite foes with righteous magic. Frequently protecting themselves with heavy armor and a stalwart shield, Templars are bastions of order and justice. A templar’s wrath is formidable; they pride themselves on steadfastly resisting occult forces, be they mage, daedra, or undead. Templars specialize in protecting their allies from these perils, whether by intercepting harmful attacks, or restoring the wounds sustained by their comrades. Templars can specialize on three distinctive class skills. The player is free to focus on one line or distribute points across many, allowing for deep build customization. Templar is perhaps the most diverse class in The Elder Scrolls Online. This beginners’ guide will give you a basic overview of the Templar class, which should help you decide whether the play style suits you.



Templar Build Guides

Like the other three classes in The Elder Scrolls Online, Templar also has access to three different skill lines (trees): Aedric Spear, Dawn’s Wrath and Restoring Light. You can choose to focus on improving skills in one category, or mix skills, spells and abilities from different skill trees to create a character that better suits you.


Dreadnought Build

We’ve got a fun Templar build to share with you from player Dreddnawt. If you love keeping your allies in the fight and being able to take plenty of hits yourself, you might want to give the Dreadnought a try the next time you venture into a dungeon or the battlefields of Cyrodiil. Find out which abilities keep this durable healer going!

Today’s player-submitted build will make your enemies believe you and your allies are invincible.

Fear nothing. My character is an Orc Templar named Dreddnawt. He is heavily armed and armored, emphasizing pure survivability for himself and allies. The Dreadnought by itself has enough offense to cut through most encounters and quickly deal with bosses. In groups, Dreadnoughts can provide massive healing from the dead center of battle while fighting effectively in PvE and PvP.

Dreadnoughts are, first and foremost, healers. We preserve our allies and therefore do not focus as much on killing abilities. A mixture of a heavy armor core complimented by some light armor keeps magicka high while providing ample physical and arcane protection.

Resto Warrior Build

Here, we bring you the Resto Warrior, a build that will keep you and your allies fighting on in the thick of any battle. By DavidJimmy. "Today, we’re featuring a front-line support loadout with a dark secret."

I built my character to be like my Skyrim (and, well, Oblivion) character that I enjoyed so much. He was a two-handed, heavy-armored warrior with Restoration magic. Obviously, the Templar was my pick in this. While both of my action bars are mainly DPS, I focus my hero on being able to dish out decent damage and provide group support.

Timedawn's DPS Templar

Solo PvE/Group PvE

Main resource: Stamina

Weapons: 2h and bow

Gear: 7 medium with health or stamina (you can add some magicka in there as well if you want to be able to spam blazing shield more though health is most likely better since it means the shield will be able to absorb more).

Attribute points: 1 magicka, 2 health, 3 stamina

Race: wood elf


Templar Skills

Aedric Spear

DPS line: damages, interrupts and stuns enemies.

Aedric Spear Skills are one of the 3 Skill Lines available to players who choose the Templar Class in Elder Scrolls Online. This Skill Line focuses primarily on dealing Magic Damage and nearly every Passive Skill in the Line increases your damage with these skills in one way or another. The Skills below are updated to Patch 2.4.2. The values listed are taken from a Chapion 160 character with no Skill or Attribute points spent, and no equipment worn.

Dawn's Wrath

SUPPORT line with "nuke" DPS: Debuffs and condition damage abilities.

Dawn's Wrath Skills are one of the 3 Skill Lines available to players who choose the Templar Class in Elder Scrolls Online. This Skill Line focuses primarily on dealing Fire Damage and the Passive Skills in the Line increase your effectiveness with these Skills as well as reduce the cost of abilities. The Skills below are updated to Update 6. The values listed are taken from a VR14 character with no Skill or Attribute points spent, and no equipment worn.

Restoring Light

TANK & HEAL: Restores health to your allies and protects them.

Restoring Light Skills are one of the 3 Skill Lines available to players who choose the Templar Class in Elder Scrolls Online. This Skill Line focuses primarily on healing and the Passive Skills in this line increase the effectiveness of just that. The Skills below are updated to Update 6. The values listed are taken from a VR14 character with no Skill or Attribute points spent, and no equipment worn.




Damage-dealing Templars often go for two handed weapons, but a one-handed weapon and shield is also a very good (if not better) choice. Dual-wield is viable, but not as popular. Templars focused on healing powers would assume to go for a Restoration Staff, however the spells in Restoring Light skill tree aren’t being constrained by the use of this weapon so you are not as limited by weapon choices.

The weapon choice for Templars is generally a player’s choice as there are various options and pros and cons of each one. We suggest you to experiment and see which ones you prefer using. For leveling, dual wielding is likely the most popular option, closely followed by 2H or 1H+shield setups.



Templars can easily wear any type of armor, and most commonly it’s either Light or Heavy. Tanks of course go for heavy armor to provide them the highest damage reduction and defense, while offense-based caster Templars or healers generally aim to get light armor to improve their magicka and spell power.

Certain stamina & magicka builds like Aedric Spear Templars also sometimes use Medium Armor and bow or dual-wield weapons.



Templars are considered a hybrid class and as such they often have a mixture of different base attributes, with the least skill points spent into stamina. Blocking, dodging and interrupting are all important parts of the combat in ESO, however for a ranged caster those are not nearly as important as for other play styles. Tanks will generally want to place a majority of their skill points into health with a sprinkle of stamina, while healers and those who rely on class spells to deal damage will predominantly spend points into increasing their magicka pool to allow for continuous healing or damage dealing.


Why play a Templar?

With proper spell choices and itemization Templars can be amazing tanks when needed of them, making them a welcome addition to any group. Additionally they are hands down the best healers in the game and are unmatched in their restoration powers and support abilities. If you prefer to have a supportive role and play with others then a Templar will always find a place in every group. Despite their group utility, Templars are more than capable of standing on their own feet during leveling or PvP.


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