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The Guide of Champion System in the Elder Scrolls Online

Delia Woolf Date: 2016-11-01 Views: 9054 eso championeso guideeso tipseso goldeso

Champion System is a system of passive skills and abilities in Elder Scrolls Online that can be received after reaching 50th level. It was added to the game in 6th Update and it is a very important part of character progression. After your character hits Veteran Rank 1st Champion Points (CP) progress bar appears below your regular experience bar. From this time you continue receiving traditional experience but you also start earning experience for Champion system.

Your progression within Champion System depends on your activity. Every time you revive traditional experience your character also gets experience for Champion bar. Kill enemies, visit dungeons, fight in Cyrodiil, challenge arenas - all these action will help you to earn Champ Points.

There are 3 types of points: The Warrior (red), The Mage (blue) and The Thief (green). You receive all these points one by one and every type has independent progress bar.

For example when you enter Champ System you start receiving experience for Warrior type first. You see red bar below your experience bar. Once this red bar is filled you receive 1 Warrior Point and your red bar becomes green. Now you start collecting exp for Thief point. After you get your Thief point you will start earning experience for Mage point. One by one. This cycle repeats again and again.

There will be three Constellations, each with three Signs, each with four specific passive bonuses. The Constellations will “rotate” meaning that you must spend Champion Points in each Constellation at even rates however you can choose any Sign within these Constellations.

In each Constellation there is three Star Signs and each of these contain 4 “on-going” passives and 4 “one-off” passives.

The on-going passives are small bonuses which build up with more CP invested into them. The Points that you spend in these will have diminishing returns and every Point you spend will have less and less of an impact.

The one-off passives are automatically applied to your character once you have spent enough Champion Points in that Star Sign. The first one-off passive is earned after you spend 10 Champion Points in any one Star Sign, the next when 30 Points are spent, the next when 75 Points are spent and finally when you spend 120 Points in one Star Sign you will unlock the final one-off passive bonus.

The Champion system allows for extreme flexibility and customization with many different options and specializations available. The full list of Champion System Passives are below divided into the three Constellations – The Warrior, The Thief and The Mage.

The Champion System was actually a complete overhaul of a lot of the mechanics at work behind ESO. Listening to the audio from the Guild Summit it is clear that the developers want to allow characters to specialize in particular areas and ensure that a character cannot be the absolute best at everything. For example, your character may be a really great healer and and a good tank but will not be able to be completely optimized in both roles. The developers demonstrated this with the Pie Concept.

Stats in ESO – Health, Magicka, Armor, etc – have a “pie” chart which will be used to map out the path necessary to achieve the maximum of that particular stat. The developers in the Guild Summit used Armor as an example. First off, Armor is going to have a hard cap, like every other stat in the game will, above which you cannot go. So if the Armor cap is 35000 then that is the most Armor your character can ever get.

To get your character to the cap involves absolutely everything that increases Armor: Gear, Champion Points, Traits, Mundus Stone, Set Bonuses, Buffs, etc. This should mean that characters can’t simply stack multiple buff abilities to reach the Armor cap – buff abilities will only take you so far before you require other things to increase your Armor.

Here is a pie chart with information from the Guild Summit (which is likely to change) which demonstrates the Armor example.

That is just an example of Armor – now imagine every single stat in ESO having the same system.

The developers hope that this will create a larger gap or separation between the styles and characteristics of players and allow each character to be extremely customized. The developers insist that the changes to skills and abilities bundled with the Champion System will ensure that no one build is the best at everything and that players will have a variety of methods available to reach their goals.


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eso championeso guideeso tipseso goldeso

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