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The ESO Update 11 Guide: Text Chat on Consoles

By John Ryan2016-08-11

Our site, has been followed the news about the Elder Scrolls Online update 11 recently, now here comes the latest guide -- the ESO update 11 guide: text chat on consoles!

In Update 11, we're giving you the option to use text chat on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 as a way to communicate with other ESO players. This has been a long-requested feature, and we're excited to give you some insight as to how it's going to work.


Update 11 Guide Text Chat on Consoles


First, it's worth noting that text chat is off by default, and can be enabled a few different ways. If you already have a keyboard connected, you can simply press Enter to open the text chat HUD. Alternatively, you can press the Menu and Map buttons on your controller simultaneously. You can also go to the Social settings menu to turn the HUD chat display on (and you'll find options to change the text size and profanity filter here, too!).

Once you've enabled text chat, the window will appear when other players send messages, and will fade after a short time if nobody's talking. You can also open the window yourself by pressing Enter or backslash. You'll find that almost all the same channels are available on console as is currently on PC (with the exception of language-specific zone channels), and all the common slash commands work as well such as /zone, /whisper, and emotes. Collections and items can also be directly linked in chat as well, but keep in mind there is a 350 character limit for each message.


Update 11 Guide Text Chat on Consoles


You will be able to use text chat and voice chat simultaneously; keep in mind messages sent through text chat aren't always proximity-based, and their reach depends on the channel you're typing in. Messages sent using /say appear in a small proximity around you, /yell is a larger proximity around you, and /zone encompasses the zone you're currently in.

Finally, we want to give you a tip in case you find the text is a little too small, or you want to see more messages at one time. We've included an expanded version of the text chat window that you can find in the Social menu under Text Chat. This lets you view more messages at once, scroll through previous messages, select a player for social actions, and view linked items.


Update 11 Guide Text Chat on Consoles


Text chat will be included in the base game patch with the upcoming update, available on August 16th. We hope you enjoy this addition to the game!

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