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The ESO Update 11 Guide: Cyrodiil Town Capture

By John Ryan2016-08-09

Our site, has been followed the news about the Elder Scrolls Online update 11 recently, now here comes the latest guide -- The ESO Update 11 Guide: Cyrodiil Town Capture!

Beginning with Update 11, you can team up with your alliance and capture specific towns in Cyrodiil. Find out more about this new Alliance War feature, then get out there and lay claim to a town!


Update 11 Guide Cyrodiil  Town Capture

When we first began designing a town capture system for Cyrodiil, one of our primary goals was to encourage more skirmishes and open field-style combat. We also wanted to add a new style of PVP to Cyrodiil that didn't involve destructible walls or towers, and focused more on player-versus-player encounters instead of the siege warfare that's so integral to PVP in and around keeps. The ability to capture these locations and lay claim to them adds more strategic significance to the towns in the region.

There are three towns in Cyrodiil that you and your alliance teammates can capture: Bruma, Cropsford, and Vlastarus. These towns are in approximately the same position in each of the alliance territories, and offer varied and satisfying locations for open field combat. Within each town there are three flags, each guarded by a small, medium, or large squad of alliance guards. Defeat the guards and capture all three flags, and you can claim the town for your alliance!


Update 11 Guide Cyrodiil  Town Capture


How difficult is it to capture a town? If there are no opposing forces, a small group should be able to do it quite successfully. But, if you're battling for ownership of a town defended by enemy alliance forces, well, you may need a few more friends!

Once your alliance has captured a town, your players can respawn there. This provides added tactical advantages, especially if you're participating in a keep siege nearby. Ownership of a town also gives your alliance access to a merchant that sells purple-quality gear bags for 50,000 AP. Each gear bag contains a PVP item set piece that will scale to your character's level, but each town only features specific sets. So, for example, if you want pieces for the Ravager set, you'll need capture Vlastarus and purchase bags from that town's merchant. Each of these merchants offers purple-quality gear bags that will yield pieces from at least a dozen different item sets, available only in that town.

So, rally your allies, head for the towns of Cyrodiil, and stake your claim. To the victors go the spoils!


Update 11 Guide Cyrodiil  Town Capture


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