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The ESO: Rivenspire of One Tamriel Awaits Now

By Delia Woolf2016-11-10

After the update 12 brings players together in One Tamriel, now comes the new feature. Rivenspire is a dark and dreadful realm whose secret truths will challenge you to the depth of your soul in the Elder Scrolls Online. The ominous, jagged landscape bespeaks a history of depraved ambition that haunts its haggard inhabitants, who cower in their homes as the shadows of the past swirl and coalesce into dire threats that menace the present. But if you can find and face the evil at the dark heart of Rivenspire, treasure, glory, and gratitude will be your reward. Armor up, and keep your weapons at hand—Rivenspire awaits!



With the launch of One Tamriel and the removal of level restrictions from all of Tamriel, you can now explore any zone, at any time, and with anyone you choose. Zones that were previously unreachable or too difficult at lower levels are now accessible to all players.


One of our favorites of these more challenging zones is Rivenspire, an unforgiving land of rocky crags and feral beasts, a region that was previously suited only to players ranging from levels 25 to 30. So what can you expect if you venture north to this gloomy realm for the first time as a new player or a lower level adventurer? Don't fret – we've put together a travel guide to help you through your first trip to the dark heart of High Rock!


The grim crag-shadowed land north of Stormhaven isn't on the itinerary of most tourists of Tamriel, but you can find your way there by accepting a quest called “Road to Rivenspire" from High King Emeric in Wayrest. Alternatively, you can venture north from the Alcaire region through the twin walled portals of Newgate and Oldgate, which will place you on the road to Rivenspire's capital of Shornhelm.


Once there, Rivenspire has a lot to offer: bleak moors harried by hungry wolves, ruined forts haunted by restless spirits, blade-sharp cliffs with hovering hordes of murdering harpies, and even the looming black towers of the Crypt of Hearts! But you didn't come for a vacation—you came for adventure. And Rivenspire offers that in spades. Once at Oldgate, talk to that roguish knight Darien Gautier, who will tell you about the civil war that's just come to a boil in Rivenspire.



Yes, civil war: because Baron Montclair is determined to rule in Shornhelm, despite the opposition of House Dorell and House Tamrith. Thus politics rears its ugly head, and Rivenspire, still reeling from defeat during Ranser's War, is torn once more by internal conflict, from Crestshade in the east to the Northpoint in the west.


On your way, you'll find opportunities for treasure and triumph in a wide array of delves and group dungeons, including Orc Finger Ruins, which hides some closely-guarded secrets of the Orsimer, and the depths of Crestshade Mine. Well, what has three eyes, starts with “T," and stands for trouble? Keep your own eyes open along the way, as the creatures of Rivenspire may drop pieces of the coveted new Vampire Cloak equipment set, gear you're going to want.


But it's in Shornhelm that you'll pick up the trail of a threat to Rivenspire even greater than that of civil war: a mystic menace involving Lord Verandis, his Ravenwatch, and the towering spike of the sinister Doomcrag. We dare say no more, lest we invoke powers no web page can contain! What we can say is: welcome, adventurer, to one of the most memorable tales in all Tamriel.


Have you traveled to Rivenspire or gone sightseeing in other areas of Tamriel that were previously inaccessible to you before One Tamriel launched? Hope you’ll enjoy the new feature in the ESO.


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