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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 11 Guide: Style Parlor

By John Ryan2016-07-28

Our site, has been followed the news about the Elder Scrolls Online update 11 recently, now here comes the latest one! Coming in Update 11, you'll be able to completely change your character in the new ESO Style Parlor.


Update 11 Guide:ESO Style Parlor

Appearance & Race Change                           

If you're looking to make a slight adjustment to your cheek bones, or want to create a whole new look, you can achieve your dream in our latest update. All you'll need is to purchase either an Appearance Change Token or Race Change Token, accessible directly from the ESO Crown Store. 

Appearance Change Tokens:

These tokens allow for complete modification of one character's appearance, including but not limited to hair styles and colors, adornments, face and body markings, facial features, eye color, age, body and face shape, as well as selected voice and even gender. One Appearance Change Token can be purchased for 1000 crowns.

Race Change Tokens:

These tokens grant you everything the Appearance Change Tokens do, plus the ability to change one character's race to one available for that character and account. Those that have the Explorer's Pack will be able to choose any race from any alliance; otherwise, you can choose any race from your chosen alliance. You'll be able to purchase one Race Change Token for 3000 crowns.

Name Change

If you'd like to completely change your character's name, it's as simple as purchasing a Name Change Token! These tokens will be available for 2500 crowns each.

Update 11 Guide:ESO Style Parlor

Premium Hairstyles, Adornments, & Markings

If you're looking for a little something special for your favorite characters, navigate to the “Style Parlor" category within the Crown Store and peruse the new offerings in the Adornments, Hair Styles, and Markings sections.

You can change your character's hair style, adornments, and markings as often as you like using any items purchased, which can be accessed from your Collections menu under the “Appearance" category. These can all be used alongside many of your existing collectibles as well!

These items will vary in pricing, starting from 200 crowns, and we'll continue to add more in the future.

Packs & Bundles

When Update 11 is released, there'll have some special packs and bundles that you may want to consider. If you like changing up your look from time to time, there'll be offering a pack that includes all the existing hair styles (90+ in all!). This will allow you to freely change your hair style to anything available on the character creation screen as often as you like, though normal race and/or gender restrictions do apply. If you're interested in doing a complete overhaul on your character, you'll want to check out the Name and Race Change Bundle which will offer huge savings, available for 3500 crowns.


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