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The Elder Scrolls Online Factions Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online has nine playable races divided into three warring Factions. The Imperials are a tenth race who are currently only available if you purchase the collectors edition. The first decision a player has to make when getting started playing the ESO is which alliance that they want to play. In the ESO, there are three alliances that you can choose from: The Aldmeri Dominion, The Daggerfall Covenant, and The Ebonheart Pact.

The alliances are each comprised of 3 races of Tamriel. Players will be able to fight players from the other 2 factions, making potential strategies for competing against other players more interesting and challenging. This may also help to eliminate or alleviate the stasis or stalemates that can occur with only 2 sides fighting. Players will also have the chance to join various guilds throughout Tamriel like the Mage’s Guild, Fighter’s Guild, Dark Brotherhood and many, many more. As with the offline games, there are some groups and guilds you cannot join without completing certain actions or quests during the game.


Elder Scrolls Online Factions

History & Politics – In The Second Era, an arcane explosion happened in the Imperial City which caused many mages to die or become insane. The Daedra (demons) started to break through into Tamriel from their own plane of existence, Oblivion. As the chaos continued all around them, many factions united in the face of danger. Without an Emperor, many different groups decided to attempt to take the throne themselves. Each has their own agenda.

Choose Your Alliance

Aldmeri Dominion

The Aldmeri Dominion controls the provinces of Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr from their capital Elden Root. The Altmer are the dominant race within this eso faction, with strong magics, long lifespans and a superiority complex. Along with the Wood Elves (Bosmer) and Feline Khajiit, they are led by the Altmer Queen Ayrenn. Primarily isolationists, they see themselves as protecting the continent from further disaster, and view themselves as simply more fit to rule than any other group.


Altmer, or more commonly known as High Elves, inhabit the Isle of Summerset (or Summerset Isle).  They were the first race to bring language, arts, and culture to the continent of Tamriel, which might explain their arrogant and proud natures. They are the most magically proficient race in Tamriel.


The Bosmer, or Wood Elves, are distant cousins of the Altmer.  They settled in Valenwood after deciding that they wanted a less formal, hierarchical form of society.  They are very much in tune with the forests they live in and are stealthy and quick. Their appearance even resembles the province of Valenwood where they live, and they have an air of youthfulness not seen in the other elven races. They are known for being the best archers on the continent.


Hailing from the province of Elsweyr, the Khajiit are a catlike race native to Tamriel. They are known for intelligence, quickness, and agility. They make excellent thieves due to their natural stealthiness but are also known to be outstanding warriors.

Daggerfall Covenant

The Daggerfall Covenant unites the High Rock, Orsinium and Hammerfell regions, with the capital Wayrest located on Iliac Bay. The fierce Orcs and skilled Redguard help support the strong magics of the Bretons; High King Emeric leads the alliance and seeks to return the empire to trade and prosperity. They feel that the true emperor will be a member of the Daggerfall Covenant Faction, to bring peace and prosperity to Tamriel.


Bretons are a people from the mountainous terrain of High Rock and are descended from Altmer and Nedic (early human) stock. As a result, they have natural magic abilities combined with constitutions a bit stronger than the Altmer. Their quick grasp of magic makes them good spellcasters, healers and magic-based characters.


Orcs, also known as Corrupted Elves or Pariah Folk, are a native race to Tamriel. Historically nomads, they have formed a city called Orsinium in the Wrothgarian Mountain/Dragontail Mountain area of High Rock where equality is valued, making them the equivalent to sophisticated barbarians! Regarded as a tough and brutal race, they make some of the best and hardiest armored warriors. They make perfect tanks. The orcs are tall and powerful. Only nords are larger.


Redguards are the dark-skinned people who came from an island continent to the west of Tamriel and populated the region known as Hammerfell. Redguards are a physically powerful race in Tamriel. That, combined with their knowledge of all weapon and armor types, makes many Redguards great warriors or rogue (thief) characters.

Ebonheart Pact

The Ebonheart Pact holds sway throughout the provinces of Skyrim, Morrowind and Black Marsh. The capital Mournhold is located in Morrowind, but the dominant race of the Ebonheart Pact eso faction are the Nordic warriors. In spite of this, High King Jorunn works closely with his Dark Elven and Argonian allies through a great council known as the Great Moot. Having protected Tamriel in the past from the Second Akaviri Invasion, the members of this alliance view themselves as having earned the right to rule and protect the Empire.


Argonians are a reptilian race who hail from Black Marsh. They are one of the few native races still inhabiting Tamriel. They are known for high intelligence, breathing under water indefinitely and having natural resistances to disease.  During the Second Era (approximately 1000 years before Skyrim), the Argonians rose to power in the Black Marsh after a plague (Knahaten flu) wiped out the other races in the area (including many Khajiits). Many speculate that a powerful Argonian mage may have concocted this plague, since it's odd that the Argonians didn't succumb to it!


The Dunmer or most commonly known as Dark Elves occupy the North Eastern province of Morrowind and are a part of Ebonheart Pact, together with the Nords and Argonians they seek to take the ruby throne.


Nords are a tall, fair-haired people who settled in the cold, mountainous province of Skyrim after leaving their homeland on another continent. They are tough and hardy with a natural resistance to frost. They shy away from the arcane arts, preferring to be great heavy warriors. The nords are the physically strongest race, towering above all but the altmer.


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