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Racial Builds Guide of the Elder Scrolls Online


Races determine your character's allegiance and starting area in Elder Scrolls Online. Before venturing into Tamriel you will need to make many important choices. At the top of the list is character choice, which of the 10 unique Elder Scrolls Online Races you will choose. Each of the ESO races has their own special passive abilities, unique appearance, personality, etc. Every race receives the same number of possible racial passives, the first of which is given to every new character for free. This first ability is a 15% bonus to experience gained while leveling a specific weapon or armor skill line. This ability is in-line with the lore and background of the race and cultural preferences, however it should not be a big factor in determining the “best” race for you. Everyone will end up with 50 in their weapon and armor skills in the long run, so while this is a useful benefit to have while leveling, these first-tier passives offer no big long-run benefits. Here's a breakdown of the races, their racial skills, and what classes benefit from those skills.



The Daggerfall Covenant

Daggerfall Covenant is a Faction in Elder Scrolls Online. The Daggerfall Covenant is a compact between the peoples of northwest Tamriel—Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs—that forms an alliance of mutual defense, with a vision of establishing peace and order across Tamriel. Indeed, the kings of the Covenant take the Remans as their model, claiming to be the spiritual heirs of the Second Empire.

So this is the modern Daggerfall Covenant, an alliance of the Redguards of northern Hammerfell, under King Fahara'jad; the Orcs of the mountainous northeast, under King Kurog of Orsinium; with the Breton King Emeric of High Rock presiding from his palace in Wayrest. At its best, it is a noble alliance of honorable and chivalrous peoples, representing all the best aspects of the First and Second Empires. And from this solid foundation, perhaps a third, even mightier Empire shall arise, providing all the peoples of Tamriel the benefits of mutual respect, vigorous trade, and reverence for the Divines.


 •Light Armor Affinity - Increases experience gain with Light Armor by 15%.

 •Gift of Magnus - Increases maximum Magicka by 4/7/10%.

 •Spell Resistance - Increases spell resistance by 2/4/6.

 •Magicka Mastery - Reduces the Magicka cost of spells by 1/2/3%.

Breton's magicka-themed skills make the race good for a Sorceror or Templar.


 •Shield Affinity - Increases experience gain with One-Handed and Shield skill line by 15%

 •Vigor - Increases Stamina recovery while in combat by 3/6/9%.

 •Conditioning - Increases max Stamina by 4/7/10%.

 •Adrenaline Rush - Restores 1/2/3 Stamina to player when damaging an enemy with a Melee      attack. This can happen no more than once every 3 seconds.

Redguard's increased stamina helps with blocking and the shield passive gives a boost to any Templars who want to be tanks.

Orc (Orsimer) 

 •Heavy Armor Expertise - Increases experience gain with Heavy Armor Skill line by 15%.

 •Brawny - Increases max Health and Stamina by 2/4/6%.

 •Robust - Increases Health regeneration while in combat by 5/10/15%.

 •Swift - Reduces Sprint cost by 4/8/12% and increases Sprint speed by 3/6/9%.

All of the Orc abilities increase survivability, making the race well-suited for Templar or Dragon Knight tanks.



The Aldmeri Dominion

Aldmeri Dominion is a Faction in Elder Scrolls Online. When word reached the High Elves of Summerset that the Imperial City had fallen under the control of the human supporters of Molag Bal, the Aldmeri Dominion was formed. The High Elves reached out to the neighboring races of Wood Elves and Khajiit with a plea that their combined forces might prevent the younger races of Tamriel from bringing disaster to the world, as they had so many times in the past. The High Elves were the original settlers of Tamriel and created the common tongue used throughout the continent today. They are also naturally proficient with magic. The Wood Elves inhabit the thick, near-impenetrable forests of Valenwood. They are supreme hunters, guides, and masters in sneaking and thievery. They are also the most gifted archers in all of Tamriel. The Khajiit, a proud feline race, are fearsome warriors, proficient with bladed weapons. They stand proudly at the forefront of every battle. The power and determination of the Aldmeri Dominion should not be underestimated.

High Elf (Altmer) 

 •Destruction Talent - Increases experience gain with the Destruction Staff skill line by 15%.

 •Spellcharge - Increases Magicka recovery while in combat by 3/6/9%.

 •Gift of Magnus - Increases max Magicka by 4/8/12%.

 •Elemental Talent - Increases damage with Cold, Fire or Shock effects by 2/3/4%.

A High Elf's skills lend themselves to damage-dealing magic, meaning the Sorcerer or Dragon Knight are your best class choices.

Wood Elf (Bosmer) 

 •Archery Expertise - Increases experience gain with the Bow Skill line by 15%.

 •Vigor - Increases Stamina recovery while in combat by 3/6/9%.

 •Resist Affliction - Increases poison and disease resistance by 7/14/21. Increases maximum   Stamina by 1/2/3%.

 •Stealthy - Improves Stealth radius by 1/2/3 meter. Increases damage done while in Stealth mode by 3/6/9%.

The bow skill that stealth bonus, and the stamina increases point to Nightblade as the best Wood Elf class. 


 •Medium Armor Expertise - Increases experience gain with the Medium Armor Skill line by 15%.

 •Robust - Increases Health regeneration while in combat by 5/10/15%.

 •Stealthy - Improves Stealth radius by 1/2/3 meter. Increases damage done while Stealthed by 3/6/9%.

 •Carnage - Increases Critical rating for melee attacks by 1/2/3% and damage done by successful  Critical Hits by 5/10/15%.

Like the Wood Elf, the Khajit's abilities make the race well-suited for the Nightblade.



The Ebonheart Pact

Ebonheart Pact is a Faction in Elder Scrolls Online. Jorunn, of Eastern Skyrim, is acting High King of the Great Moot, but he does not rule absolutely. His decisions must be ratified by all three races in a unique form of governance called The Great Moot. He is down-to-earth, humorous, and has an iron will to succeed.

The alliance between our races was born in dark times, when Nord, Dunmer and free Argonians fought as one to repel the invasion of the Akaviri slavemasters. Our greatest strength is the adversity we have overcome. Our resolve is glacial, our might is forged in fire, and our courage, cultivated by the beasts of the jungle. We are Ebonheart. We are as one. And by this, our victory is assured.


 •Two-Handed Expertise - Increases the experience gain with the Two-Handed Weapon skill line by 15%.

 •Robust - Increases Health regeneration while in combat by 5/10/15%.

 •Resist Frost - Increases Cold Resistance by 10/20/30. Increases maximum health by 1/2/3%.

 •Rugged - Increases Armor by 2/4/6.

The Nord's two-handed weapon passive, armor-boosting, and health regeneration point towards an melee-focused Dragon Knight as the best class.

Dark Elf (Dunmer)  

 •Ambidexterity - Increases experience gain with the Dual Wield skill line by 15%.

 •Dynamic - Increases max Magicka and Stamina by 2/4/6%.

 •Resist Flame - Increases Fire Resistance by 10/21/32. Increases max Magicka by 1/2/3%.

 •Flame Talent - Increases Spell Power with fire effects by 1/2/3.

Dark Elves have Flame Talent and dual-wielding passives, which benefit the melee/magicka combo found in the Dragon Knight.


 •Restoration Expertise - Increases experience gain with the Restoration Skill line by 15%.

 •Amphibious - Increases swimming speed by 50% and the effectiveness of potions by 5/10/15%.

 •Argonian Resistance - Increases maximum Health by 1/2/3% and Poison and Disease resistance by 7/14/21.

 •Quick to Mend - Increases healing received by 2/4/6%.

The Argonian's boost to healing helps the heal-focused Templar, but the rest of their abilities would benefit any soloing.


No Alliance

Imperial (Any Alliance, Requires Imperial Edition) 

 •Shield Affinity - Increases experience gain with One-handed and Shield skill line by 15%.

 •Red Diamond - Melee attacks have 10% chance to restore 2/4/6 health.

 •Conditioning - Increases max stamina by 4/8/12%.

 •Tough - Increases max health by 4/7/10%.

The Imperial race can pick any Alliance and is only available to buyers of the Imperial Edition. Their skills lend themselves towards tanking, meaning the Templar is one of the best choices.


Ultimate race doesn’t make your build, its’ your skill, your time spent investigating and constantly improving. However, there’s some math behind these racial choices and they will affect your performance. In the end, pick what you like, while it makes a difference it won’t make or break your build.


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