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Morrowind Adventure Guide of the Elder Scrolls Online

The mysterious island of Vvardenfell reaches out to you, adventurer. For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can explore the beautiful-but-dangerous home of the Dark Elves. Prepare yourself for your perilous journey with our Morrowind Adventure Guide.



The island of Vvardenfell is huge, and there are countless points of interest for you to investigate and explore. As you travel, don't forget that you don't have to travel by foot or mount alone – many regions have tall silt striders that will take you to nearby settlements, and always keep an eye out for a Wayshrine to unlock.


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To help you on your journeys, here's some inside information on just some of the island's iconic and mysterious locations.



       1.Seyda Neen

       2.Vivec City




       6.Ald Carac

       7.Sadrith Mora

       8.Tel Fyr / Halls of Fabrication




The port town of Seyda Neen is the arrival point of many brave new adventurers coming to Vvardenfell. Do not let the Imperial-styled buildings throw you off, the town is under the control of House Hlaalu, so if you want to trade with the Dark Elves of Morrowind, you had better be prepared to pay your dues. From this location, the entirety of the island opens up to you. You can proceed East to Vivec City and Suran, or North to Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Gnisis. Adventure awaits! Just make sure you clear customs, first.




Named for the demi-god who resides there, Vvardenfell's capital, Vivec City, might still be under construction, but its floating multi-leveled cantons clearly exhibit the power and prestige of the living god. There are numerous sights to take in Vivec City, including Vivec's Palace, the Hall of Justice, the Library of Vivec, and, most notably, the meteor Baar Dau that floats precariously above - watch your head! Vivec City features a full suite of crafting stations, stores, and daily quest givers. When you arrive, be sure to visit Vivec himself, as he might just have a need for a willing adventurer such as yourself, and who could deny a god?





Pierced by the Odai River, the Redoran city of Balmora resides northwest of Vivec City. There, you can visit the local Fighters and Mages Guilds, put your feet up at the Randy Netch Inn, or pay your respects at the local Tribunal Temple. As you walk the city's wide bridges and tall walls, keep an eye out for that elusive Dark Elf Naryu, as she's rumored to be skulking around the area, but be careful when dealing with the Morag Tong. Alternatively, if you're looking for a challenge, venture north with some allies to try to take on Nilthog the Unbroken, an especially dangerous nix-ox.




Interested in helping a poor, suffering Khajiit in need? Why not travel to Zainsipilu and help sweet, innocent Halinjirr retrieve his notes and poison his completely harmless crops. As you navigate the tunnels, try to avoid the nix-hounds and fetcherflies, as they can be quite bothersome. Trust us, when you reach the cavern proper, the view alone will be worth your efforts. There are six delves just like this one spread throughout Morrowind. Be sure to check them all out in your travels!




Heading north from Balmora, you'll find the Ashlander camp of Ald'ruhn nestled up against Red Mountain and surrounded by red-hot lava flows. When you arrive at the camp, be sure to visit Skar, the massive shell of a long-dead emperor crab. But be warned, it's vitally important that you make every effort to follow Ashlander traditions and pay your proper respects. These nomadic people regard outsiders like yourself with deep suspicion. Should you earn their trust, they may have regular work for you. If you're feeling adventurous, why not visit the Daedric shrine Ramimilk located just a short walk south? You might see a familiar face!





As you navigate the rocky slopes of Red Mountain, why not test your mettle against your fellow adventurers in the Battlegrounds? Set in a decaying Dwarven ruin with tight corners and dangerous traps, Ald Carac will keep you on your toes. Not sure what you're getting into? Once you are level 10, talk to Battlemaster Rivyn to learn how Battlegrounds work and get the daily quests (you don't actually enter the Battleground here.) And don't forget to stock up on new gear with Farthalem, the nearby Battlegrounds vendor!




On the eastern coast of Vvardenfell you can find the imposing mushroom towers of House Telvanni. After your long trek around Red Mountain, put your feet up at the Gateway Inn or do some shopping for magical trinkets in Tel Naga. Take your time investigating this island town, as the Telvanni sorcerers are highly secretive in nature. Keep an eye out for a certain lovesick Dark Elf as you roam the towers of Sandrith Mora. You might enjoy a rather unique introduction to Telvanni culture.




Ready for an adventure like no other? Gather 11 of your fellow outlanders and help the Telvanni Sorceror Diyath Fyr investigate and shut down the Halls of Fabrication. As you navigate the dangerous halls and corridors of Sotha Sil's creation, be prepared for a deadly challenge, as this Trial will push you and your team to your abilities. Enter the Halls of Fabrication, stop the Fabricants, and save Morrowind!



These locations are just some of the places you can discover when you visit Vvardenfell in ESO: Morrowind, but there are countless other adventures to be had off of the beaten path. Where will your journey take you when you visit the home of the Dark Elves? Happy travels!


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