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Is the Elder Scrolls Online Worth Playing in 2019?

Bmichaellogan March 01st, 2019 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Is the Elder Scrolls Online worth playing in 2019? This is an article which is talking about the recent changes to the ESO and why I think it's a great time to get into the game currently! This article's approach is to talk to someone who has played the game already, or at least knows the basics about it.

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ESO has made a lot of announcements recently on their plans for the upcoming year, 2019. Many players want to know if the ESO is a game that is worth them investing their time into. I myself am primarily an ESO content creator, so I have a ton of endgame experience and know all different sides of it. In my opinion, the ESO is worth playing in 2019.

The ESO has undergone a ton of quality of life changes and has gotten a ton of updates since its inception. With plenty of updates, ZeniMax has dramatically improved the state of the game and ESO is in a much healthier state now than it ever has been previously. It's only one quarter of the year, the gameplay has improved dramatically, and a lot of bugs have been fixed.

There has been a ton of DLCs and chapters have been added to the game. In the quarter 1 of 2019, the new DLC is Wrathstone, and the new chapter is Elsweyr. In quarter 2, we have our next chapter, the 3rd chapter which be elsewhere. Morrowind and Somerset were chapters, but Morrowind is included in ESO plus which is ESO's subscription model if you choose to subscribe the game is by to play and a subscription does give you some extra perks, such as getting DLC for free. The cool thing in 2019 is that all of the DLCs in the chapter that are coming out are part of a year-long story.

The way that ESO normally does it is that they have 3 DLCs and a chapter that come out per year and they are all kind of a little bit disjointed, but for 2019 they're all going to be connected through one overarching story that sauce is coining as the year of the dragon. So a lot of people are extremely excited for that, including myself.



Best times to start get into ESO

The raft zone patch is the quarter 1 patch for the game and the upcoming racial passive changes  has increased player confidence overall about the future of the game even more with a lot of great balance changes being made and an overall great vision being carved out for the game. This is truly one of the best times to start getting into ESO.

One question people always have is that is it too late to start, am I able to catch up or will I always just be behind. No, it is not too late to start. Like I said, ESO is extremely sandbox in nature, so you don't have to tackle all of the quests or do all of those if you don't want to. You can go about the game in the leveling process in whichever way you want. Maybe you choose to quest in your alliance zones or maybe you choose to just grind out mobs and just get experience that way or maybe you choose to do the DLC and just do those quest lines. 

No matter how you decide to do it, you can very easily get to level 50 which is the max level and get into the endgame leveling progression system which is champion points. You will be able to very easily catch up with other players. It also helps that at champion point level 160 that is where gear stops getting better. So the 2nd you hit that level, you are using max level gear when you hit CP 300 which is another important benchmark, you have all of your stats that your character has, so you can hit these benchmarks even early on while you're gaining champion points. That really help you automate your characters power, so you will not feel super far behind people who have been playing for a while. You can very easily catch up. It will take some time obviously, but you can catch up. It's not like other games where it's going to be basically nearly impossible. For those who want to level up with the fastest method, please click the ESO Champion Points Power Leveling page for more details.



A ton of content to do in ESO

There's a ton of content to do in the game, besides the leveling process which you could get. You can either choose to grind or you could just do quests or you could also run dungeons. There's a ton of other stuff to do.

In terms of PvE player versus environment, we have dungeons, our 4 player dungeons which is typically a tank, a healer, and 2 DPS. We also have trials which is the Elder Scrolls Online's version of the raid which are 12 person raids that typically feature 8 DPS, 2 healers, and 2 tanks. Obviously there are exceptions to that, but that's the general format.

There's also the veteran Maelstrom Arena which is like a solo, and then there's also veteran dragon star arena which is a 4-player raid, and we also have Black Rose prison which is very similar to drag a star arena in which it is a guy 4-person raid. We also have player versus player where we have the open world zone. Cyrodiil is our open world PvP zone, and at the center of that is the Imperial which was a DLC that was added to the game which is another type of PvP zone.

There are also instance battlegrounds which is 4v4v4, and we also have dueling in addition, and also housing in the game. You can spend a lot of time making gold role-playing. There's a ton of in-game events exploration questing and a lot more. 



Full experience as a solo player

Another good thing about the ESO is that you can really play solo or you can play with a group. There's a ton to do if you're a solo player and you can have a very full experience if you choose to play by yourself.

And the ESO community has also changed a lot over the game's life. The toxicity in the game has become less the meta as the people like to say and the hash tag ESO Pham has risen recently. I do have to say as being a part of multiple other MMORPG communities before, the ESO community really is something special and while of course it does have its less-than-optimal people in the community. The majority of people you will meet are all very nice and you will have a good experience overall as long as you get in with the right group of people.



Positive changes and movements in 2019

Of course it's always fun to talk about all of the positive aspects of the game. I do want to touch on a lot of the negatives that you will see if you do choose to get back into ESO. PvP is still a pretty lag filled mess especially in Cyrodiil during prime time. Especially if you play in the more populated campaign of Cyrodiil, you will find that there is a fair bit of lag. Particularly if you play and are fighting a large group, you can have massive FPS drops, you have a lot of desync between trying to click your skills and when they go off and it can be extremely frustrating. Don't get me wrong. You could try to play one of the less-populated campaigns, but sometimes the only instance of Cyrodiil that you can play in is the full populated one. For that night, let's just be honest PvP really won't be that fun of an experience.

At the end of 2018, we saw a lot of very questionable balance changes to the game. I won't go into the specifics here but there was a lot of questionable balance changes kind of leaving the state of PvP at the end of 2018 a bit rough. But at the beginning of 2019, it is beginning to look positive and we can see a lot of positive changes and a lot of positive movements especially with the class rep program and the internal changes exhaust a lot of the people driving some of the decisions that were not favored upon especially by the PvP community are beginning to be changed and be moved in a more positive direction.



Of course, PvP does have its fair share of issues especially in the open world Cyrodiil area. PvP and PvE also is not all sunshine and rainbows are currently some bugs that have been plaguing the end game rating scene and have been driving people up a wall. I've seen some of the most dedicated raiders in the game be just frustrated to no end due to the bugs and their how long it's been taking to get them fixed. And similarly though to PvP balance is being heavily improved that the upcoming racial passive changes for 2019 Wrathstone Patch.

Right now in the current state of the game, race plays a large part of your DPS and which race you choose to play but with the upcoming changes is going to open up a lot of racial diversity for the endgame raiding scencs.

In short, ESO has had its ups and downs but the game is continually trended upward ever since its rough release, and in 2019, it is looking to be one of the best years of the ESO. I'm personally extremely confident and happy with the moves that ESO has not only been making with their developer team but with the class rep program with its current round of patch notes that are out for the Wrathstone patch, the first DLC of the year and just all of their plans for the year leave me extremely confident and excited for 2019.



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