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How to Get Companion Gear Fast in ESO

By Michel Z2021-06-24

In The Elder Scrolls Online, it's hard to get a Companion gear piece with a good Trait or quality. But, it is not impossible. In this guide, Hack The Minotaur lists his top 5 places to farm Companion gear efficiently and the best Companion gear Traits. 



Companion gear can drop from all enemies in TESO no matter which zone you're in. However, Bosses have a higher chance of dropping Companion gear than normal enemies. Since the drop rate of Companion gear is extremely low, it is important to find many enemies and defeating them as quickly as possible. Also, make sure your Companion is summoned and active with you as you go through these farming options because No Companion Equals No Drops.


5. Delves

Each Delve has only one boss, and the boss has a 5-10 minute respawn timer before you can earn loot again, which means this is the slowest method for farming Companion gear. On the flip side, this is a great option for low-level characters because Delve bosses are the easiest on this list. Plus, you can benefit from Delves by learning new skills from Books or farming Skyshards and gear sets.


4. Public Dungeons

Public Dungeon is the most popular option among other players because most Public Dungeons have five or six bosses that can potentially drop Companion gear. You can also get lots of ESO money, valuable items, and a good amount of experience.


Farming Public Dungeons also has its downside. Depending on which Public Dungeon you choose and what time of day you're playing, it might be very crowded, meaning you would miss some boss spawns. Additionally, sometimes, if you kill two or three bosses in a row, they will stop dropping loot. For those reasons, it can be frustrating, but it's still a good option. Below are some of my favorite Public Dungeons:


Forgotten Crypts in Deshaan

You can get Companion gear from this dungeon and some powerful sets like Mother's Sorrow or Plague Doctor. 


Crimson Cove in Malabal Tor

Crimson Cove dungeon is a great place to farm Companion gear, ESO gold, experience, and a popular set on Guild Traders – Spinner's Garments.


Labyrinthian in Western Skyrim 

If the previous two Public dungeons are too crowded, you can also go to the Western Skyrim zone. The Labyrinthian Public Dungeon in Western Skyrim is a good place for Companion gear, and some other good sets also drop here.


3. Dolmens

The final boss that gets summoned at the end of a Dolmen or World Event will have a chance to drop Companion gear. In addition, there are a lot of other benefits because, in many zones, you'll get Rings, which you can either deconstruct or sell on Guild Traders.


Alik'r Desert, Bangkorai, Malabal Tor, and Auridon are all zones where you can farm Dolmens efficiently. You will find Dolman groups in plenty of zones, and if your level is high enough, you can even solo these Dolmens yourself. 


Farming Dolmens is also a great way to obtain experience when you need to get Champion points or level up your character or your Companion.


2. World Bosses

Any World Boss has a chance to drop a piece of Companion gear, and I would recommend doing this in the base game zones because those bosses are much easier to defeat. Players under level 50 can also solo those bosses, and having a Companion Tank or a Healer will make this method even better. There is a route that contains some easy bosses, and you can farm this route repeatedly:


1. In the zone of Deshaan, you can take out Short-Tusk's Hillock in Deshaan. 


2. Run down to the southern portion of the zone and take on the Grove of the Abomination.


3. Fast travel to the Ghost Snake Vale Wayshrine and take on the Dire Bramble Patch 


4. Beat the boss at the Druitularg's Ritual Altar, which locates to the north-east of Dire Bramble Patch


With a Companion, these bosses will be much easier to solo than they ever were. Furthermore, if you pick up another person, two players with two Companions will make this even faster.


1. Normal Group Dungeons

Doing Normal Group Dungeons is the most efficient way to farm Companion gear on this list. You can do this method in a group of two, and you can even solo. I recommend doing the Normal difficulty dungeons because those are super easy. Below are the reasons why you should try the Normal Group dungeons:


1. It's solo-instanced, which means nobody is taking your kills from you, allowing you to go at your own pace and learn the dungeon.


2. Most Group dungeon bosses, especially those on Normal difficulty, are easier than World Bosses because they have much less Health. In terms of difficulty, this is just a small step up above a Public Dungeon, but it's instanced, so you don't have to worry about losing these bosses to any other players. 


My favorite options for this method are Wayrest Sewers 1 (Normal), Fungal Grotto 1, and Crypt Of Hearts. When doing the Wayrest Sewers 1 (Normal) dungeon, you don't need to complete it. You can do the first 5-6 rooms where there is only one boss in each room, and that allows you to defeat five bosses quickly. Usually, it will only take ten minutes or less, especially if you are higher-level.

How to Get Companion Gear Fast in ESO p1 Wayrest Sewers 1 (Normal)

Wayrest Sewers 1 (Normal)


Best Traits for Your Companion Gear

You would get a ton of Companion gear pieces with different Traits and qualities. But not every Trait for Companions is good, and there are some best-in-slot Traits based on how you want to build your Companion:


Quickened: the best all-around Trait for any Companion build

Vigorous: increases Companion Health

Bolstered: reduces Companion Damage Taken

Soothing: increases Companion Healing

Aggressive: increases Companion Damage



Some Companion abilities have very long Cooldowns, so anything you can do to reduce the Cooldowns will make your Companion a lot more effective. The Quickened Trait decreases your Companion ability Cooldowns, and it will be helpful whether you want to build your Companion up as a Tank, DPS, or Healer. 



If you're planning to build your Companion as a Tank, there are two Traits you want to look out for: Vigorous and Bolstered.


The Vigorous Trait increases your Companion's Max Health. If you focus on Vigorous armor, weapons, or jewelry, with this Trait, your Companion can get over 40,000 max Health, which will be great for helping them take the big hits from Tanking bosses. 



Another good option is the Bolstered Trait. This one reduces the amount of damage your Companion takes, making them survive longer. Therefor a combination of Vigorous and Bolstered will be helpful for Tank Companions.



For a Companion Healer, the main Trait you'll want is called Soothing. A Soothing Trait is a great option for Healers because it buffs your Companion's Healing done so that your Companion can heal you or themselves for more.



For a DPS-focused Companion build, the ideal Trait is the Aggressive Trait that increases their overall damage done.


When you are just leveling your Companion, Traits don't make a huge difference. But if your goal is to min-max your Companion and you start taking on harder content with them, you will need those best-in-slot Traits for the long run.


That is the guide to farming Companion gear fast in TESO. If you enjoy this video, don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to Hack The Minotaur's channel.


The drop rate of Companion gear is super low at the moment, and it will be more difficult to get a gear piece with a good Trait or quality. The best and fastest way to get a decent armor piece for your Companions is to buy from Guild Trader using your TESO gold. However, Companion gear can be costly in the game, so if you don't have enough gold, you can buy ESO gold from MmoGah, and we use a secure delivery method to make sure you can receive your gold smoothly.


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