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ESO: Summerset & Update 18 Now Live on PC/Mac

Explore the home of the High Elves in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, the latest Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online saga. Find out everything you need to know about this new adventure and Update 18 in this launch article!

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We are thrilled to announce that The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset and Update 18 are now both live on PC and Mac. If you play on Xbox One or PlayStation®4, don't worry, ESO: Summerset will be available on those platforms June 5!



Don't forget, there's still time to pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset to receive the Queen's Bounty Pack, the Nightmare Senche mount, and a bonus copy of the Morrowind Chapter (digital pre-purchases only).



For the first time in history, Queen Ayrenn of the Aldmeri Dominion has decreed that Summerset's borders are to be opened to foreigners. However, a mysterious threat looms over the island, and Daedric forces have begun to emerge from the shadows. Travel to the island of Summerset, gather your allies, and unravel a conspiracy that threatens all of Tamriel.

This new Chapter includes:

•A new zone to explore: Summerset

•An epic new story featuring new and returning characters such as Razum-dar

•The Psijic Order guild & Skill Line

•A new crafting system: Jewelry Crafting

•A new 12-player Trial: Cloudrest

•New item sets, collectibles, and styles

Explore a Massive New Zone

On the island of Summerset, you will find shining cities, a pristine wilderness, and the ancient culture of the proud High Elves. However, upon closer examination, you'll also discover many dangers: monstrous beasts, long-forgotten ruins, ancient enemies, and a dark malevolence that lurks beneath the surface of the fabled land.



As you explore the island, you'll discover World Bosses, Public Dungeons, Delves, a new group challenge called Abyssal Geysers, and all manner of quests and adventures. You can read more about some of the adventures you can have when traveling through Summerset in our preview article.

Experience an Epic New Story

An ancient evil plots from the shadows, and Queen Ayrenn needs your help to investigate the rising threat on Summerset and put a stop to it before it can spread to all of Tamriel. As you and your companions investigate, you shall encounter both new and familiar allies, travel all over the Isle of Summerset, and confront a deadly Daedric conspiracy.

Join the Psijic Order

350 years ago, the mysterious organization known as the Psijic Order and their island home of Artaeum vanished from the face of Tamriel. In this new Chapter, you can travel to the island's new location, become a member of their ancient monastic order, and help the Psijics seal destructive time breaches that threaten reality itself!



The Psijics are masters of mysticism and the Old Ways, and should you become a member, you'll unlock a brand-new Skill Line. These powerful Abilities can be acquired by any of your ESO characters and allow you to control time itself! Lean more about the Psijic Order Skill Line in our preview article.

Craft Your Own Jewelry

With ESO: Summerset, you'll be able to create your own custom-made rings and necklaces. Jewelry Crafting Stations can now be found throughout Summerset and the rest of Tamriel, and you'll be able to acquire specific Jewelry Trait items and materials by completing set activities.

Find out everything you need to know about Jewelry Crafting with our preview and guide.

Save Cloudrest

The city of Cloudrest has gone dark, and Summerset's gryphon-riding knight protectors, the Welkynar, have vanished. In this 12-player Trial, you and your team must enter the city, battle your way through the shadows, and put a stop to the ancient foe at the heart of its corruption. Discover the dangers you must face atop Eton Nir with our Cloudrest preview article.



The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is available in multiple editions, including a Standard Edition, Collector's Editions, and Upgrade Editions for those who already own the ESO base game. Note that in order to run The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, your machine needs to meet the game's requirements for PC or Mac.



In addition to the Summerset Chapter, The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Digital Collector's Edition and Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade includes a host of unique digital items, including a unique mount, pet, outfit style and more.



The Physical Collector's Edition includes the above digital items and additional physical goodies, including a Mephala Statue, Razum-dar's Journal, a Map of Summerset, and a Steelbook Case.



Finally, if you pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset by June 5, you shall also receive the Queen's Bounty Pack (including a unique costume, pet, XP scrolls, treasure maps, and a Psijic Vault Crown Crate), Nightmare Senche mount, and bonus Morrowind Chapter (digital pre-purchases only).

For more information on the ESO: Summerset editions and pre-purchase items, check out our Summerset editions and pre-purchase rewards article. It's not too late to pre-purchase ESO: Summerset now and receive the above bonus items, even if you're on PC/Mac!



Once you have purchased ESO: Summerset, there are a few ways you can travel to the home of the High Elves. You can begin your adventures in Summerset with any of your existing characters or make a brand new one and go through the new tutorial.

Wayshrine Travel

Travel to Summerset with any of your existing characters by using the Shimmerene Wayshrine. To do so, open your map, select Summerset, and then select the Wayshrine icon (it should be the only one available on the island).



Start from the Main Quest

You can pick up the first quest before even setting foot on Summerset by navigating to your Collections UI, selecting Stories, and then Chapters. From that menu, you can select Summerset, acquire the first quest, titled “The Queen's Decree", and begin your adventure. It will point you in the right direction.

New Characters

Any new characters created in ESO: Summerset will be able to go through the new tutorial. Once complete, you'll find yourself just outside the city of Shimmerene. Take a look around and you might be able to find Razum-dar himself!



ESO: Summerset goes live in tandem with the free base-game Update 18. This update brings a host of new features, changes, and improvements that all ESO players can enjoy without needing to purchase the new Chapter first.

This new base-game update includes:

•Crown Store Gifting & Daily Rewards

•PvP additions & Combat changes

•Battlegrounds moving to base game

•Morrowind zone, content, & Warden class moving to Crown Store

Morrowind Moves to the Crown Store

With Update 18, some aspects of the Morrowind Chapter have move to the in-game Crown Store and base game. Firstly, Battlegrounds is now base-game feature, meaning that all can now enjoy the 4v4v4 arena. In addition to this, the Vvardenfell zone and story content is moving to the in-game Crown Store on June 5, meaning you can get access to Vvardenfell with Crowns or via ESO Plus membership. Finally, on June 5, the Warden class will also be available for Crowns in the in-game Crown Store. You can read more about this move in this preview article.

Crown Store Gifting

With Crown Store Gifting, you are now able to buy items from the Crown Store and have them sent directly to a friend or guild mate. Some conditions apply, so be sure to check out our Update 18 preview article.



Daily Rewards

With the Daily Rewards system, you receive unique rewards each day you log in. These rewards typically include consumables or currencies, but there will be milestone rewards that can include rarer items, too. Note that the first round of rewards will begin on June 5 for all platforms, not May 21. You can find more information about Daily Rewards in our Update 18 preview.

PvP Additions and Improvements

Update 18 also includes a host of PvP improvements, such as the addition of Cyrodiil's new Conquest quest board. The first time you complete one of these new quests each day, you'll receive a container that includes a “Gladiator's Proof." Collect 20 of these items and you'll be able to create the Arena Gladiator helmet, a unique collectible can only be acquired by taking part in the Alliance War.



Changes were made to AvA to ensure all players get the Alliance Points they deserve. There have also been tweaks to catapults, keep defenders, and more to ensure that the battle to control Cyrodiil is as fierce as ever. Finally, for Battlegrounds, we've added a special random queue daily reward that has a chance to award rare Outfit Style pages. Don't hesitate to check out our Update 18 PvP preview for more information.

Combat Changes

With Update 18, we've made combat changes that help you play the way you want to play. Two-handed weapons now count as two items for set bonuses, allowing you greater flexibility with regards to your gear. We've also revisited tanking and healing tools in an effort to ensure all classes can be successful in those roles. Finally, we've updated basic attacks to better emphasize that Light Attacks are meant to deal damage while Heavy Attacks are for restoring resources. Check out the Update 18 preview article for more.

All of the above Update 18 changes and additions (and more) can be found in greater detail in our Patch Notes forum.



Dark forces conspire from the shadows and threaten to overwhelm the home of the High Elves. In The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, you can explore an idyllic world like no other, but dangerous new challenges await those who set foot on the ancient island paradise. Will you heed the Queen's call and travel to the Isle of Summerset?

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is now in Early Access on PC/Mac and will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 June 5. Pre-purchase ESO: Summerset through June 5 to receive the Queen's Bounty Pack bonus reward and gain immediate access to the ESO base game and Morrowind Chapter (digital pre-purchases only – conditions apply). Don't miss out!


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