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ESO's Update 17 alongside the Dragon Bones Arrives on February 12

Update 17 contains a host of incredible new features that can be enjoyed by Elder Scrolls Online newcomers and veterans alike, including the new Level-Up Experience, Home Storage, the Outfit System, and more. Read on for all the exciting details!

Update 17 arrives alongside the Dragon Bones DLC game pack as a free patch to the base game on February 12 for PC/Mac and February 27 for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. This complimentary update includes all of the new features found below.

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Update 17 introduces a new type of furnishing: storage collectibles! With these new containers you can store bankable items in your home, freeing up space in your inventory, bank, or Craft Bag.

“Home Storage is something we have always wanted to do," explains the game's Creative Director, Rich Lambert. “But it was doubly reinforced by the players when we launched Homestead. Everybody wanted to be able to store stuff in their houses!"

With Update 17, there are two types of storage furnishings available to players:

•Storage Chests – Containing storage space for up to 60 items

•Storage Coffers – Containing storage space for up to 30 items

Because these storage containers are Collectibles, you can place a copy of each one in all of your homes. This will allow you to store and retrieve your items from multiple homes, as each container will contain the same items at every location.



There are a total of eight storage containers available with Update 17 — four chests and four coffers — allowing you can acquire a total of 360 additional storage slots. You can earn one free Storage Coffer as a reward from the new level-up system. The remaining seven container types can be acquired:

•By spending Tel Var Stones at the Tel Var General Merchants in Imperial City

•By spending Writ Vouchers with the Achievement Mediator in Tamriel's capital cities

。Note: The “Permanent Resident" achievement is required.

•By purchasing them with Crowns from the Furniture section of in-game Crown Store

“There are multiple different playstyles in our game, and so we wanted to make sure there is a way for everybody to get these new items," explains Lambert. “There's the level-up rewards for new players, end-game crafting for the existing players, and even an option for those who just like to run around and kill people."

Storage containers can be placed in your home like any other Collectibles, and you can even rename them to keep your items organized. When placed in your home, storage containers count towards your Collectible Furnishings cap, not your Special Collectibles cap. Please note that items stored in these containers will not automatically show up at Crafting Stations. They must be moved to your inventory or crafting bag in order to be improved or deconstructed.


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In The Elder Scrolls Online you've always been able to play the way you want to play by picking up and using any of the armors and weapons you find in Tamriel. Now, with the introduction of the Outfit System, you can customize the visual appearance of these same armors and weapons!

“With the Outfit System, we wanted to give the players was the ability to fully customize their characters," says Lambert. “There are a lot of really creative people playing our game. We see it all the time with the amazing homes they create. But until now, they didn't have the same amount of creative freedom with their characters."



With the new Outfit System you can use Outfit Stations (previously known as Dye Stations) to select specific styles and dyes for gear slots, changing the visual appearance and color of the armor and weapons placed in those slots. Each slot you customize with the Outfit System requires payment in gold to finalize, or you can purchase Outfit Change Tokens from the Crafting section of the in-game Crown Store. One Outfit Change Token will allow you to customize an entire Outfit, regardless of how many slots are required.

For a detailed guide on how this new system works, check out our Outfit System Basics Guide.



Finally, Update 17 introduces our improved Level-Up Experience. Now, when you level up, you'll receive information about any new skills that are available for your character class and helpful tips about ESO's gameplay. You'll also periodically receive new level-up rewards.

“Our leveling and skills systems are admittedly really complex," says the game's Creative Director, Rich Lambert. “So the primary goal of these new features was to make sure that we provide guidance for new players or players who didn't quite understand what they should be doing as they progress."

This new experience comes in the form of two new systems:

Level Up Rewards

With Update 17, as you level up your character, you'll periodically receive useful rewards and gameplay tips.

These rewards can include gold, crafting materials, or experience scrolls, and for certain key milestones, you can even receive collectibles like mounts and costumes. The gameplay tips will let you know about a new system you've unlocked or give you valuable advice about how to play the game.

With these new goodies and tips, you'll earn everything you need to continue your adventures in Tamriel!

Skills Advisor

Our new Skills Advisor will provide you with guidance on how to build a character based on certain class archetypes. You can access, enable, or disable the Skills Advisor from your regular Skills menu. From within the Skills Advisor tool, you can select a desired class archetype to view a selection of recommended abilities and ability morphs.

 “You can always do whatever you want with your character in ESO," explains Lambert. “But the Skills Advisor is here to give you an idea of how all of the skills work together and provide you with direction as you build your character. This way, once you are comfortable with the basics, you can go off and build your own."



As you can see, Update 17 has something for new and veteran players alike! And there are still plenty of new features to talk about, including a host of combat improvements and all-new Battlegrounds, so keep an eye out for additional Update 17 articles in the future!

Are you planning to make your own custom Outfit with Update 17? Are you excited to finally be able to store items in your home?

Update 17 arrives as a free base-game patch alongside the Dragon Bones DLC game pack on PC/Mac February 12 and PlayStation®4 and Xbox One February 27.


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