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  • ESO’s New Dueling System Is Coming!
    By Bmichaellogan2016-09-15 00:00:00

    The Elder Scrolls Online is more attractive and interesting now, here comes the newest announcement of the ESO Update 12! One of the biggest features coming with Update 12 is the ability to fight another player from any alliance with our new dueling system! This will allow you to test new builds, try a different fighting style, or simply kill some time before hopping into a dungeon.


    Duels can take place in any non-PvP overland zone (let's keep Cyrodiil as a true battle zone!). To begin a duel, first open the social interaction wheel when interacting with another player and choose “Invite to Duel". Alternatively, you can also type “/duel [player name]"with a nearby player. After the challenged opponent accepts the duel invitation, a flag will appear and there will be a short countdown before you begin, so get ready! Once someone reaches zero hitpoints, the duel will conclude; the losing player will be offered a free resurrection, though, or can also be resurrected by other players. If you don’t want to be involved in the duel system you can turn on auto-decline in the social panel of the options menu.

    During one-on-one combat, you'll need to stay within a certain radius centered around the flag, but don't worry; you'll be notified if you are nearing the edge, and we've made it a fairly sizeable area to move around in. If you leave your dueling area, the match will result in a forfeit. It's also worth mentioning that other players not participating in the duel will not be able to heal or buff the two duelers, but the Battle Spirit buff will be applied. Combat with monsters will also not interrupt or end your duel.


    If you challenge a player to a duel and that player accepts a countdown to begin will appear in the center of both players screens.

    When the duel begins all outside influences such as healing effects and buffs from other player characters will be blocked and will remain blocked for the duration of the duel. Your friends can’t help you in battle. The Battle Spirit effect, the level scaling system, will still be applied during duels. If you attack a monster this will NOT break or end a duel.

    A duel will have a radius you must stay inside, and will be centered around a Dueling Flag. You will be notified if you are nearing the “out of bounds” area of the duel as leaving the duel area results in a forfeit.

    A duel is completed when one player character is gets to 0 Health. You will be offered a free resurrection if defeated, or can be resurrected by other player characters.

    Some areas have a limit to the number of duels taking place at the same time, so as to avoid areas being constantly flooded with players dueling. There are also dueling arenas located around Tamriel. These areas offer places to find other player looking to test their combat skills and normally have lots of space for onlookers.


    Now, if you aren't interested in dueling other players or receiving dueling invitations, don't fret. You'll be able to auto-decline duel requests through the Social panel found in the Options menu. While dueling is largely just for fun and aren't tied to AP gains or leaderboards, there are three new achievements that you can work toward for winning a single duel, 25, and 100 duels.

    If you want to participate in a duel or even just watch, we encourage you to head to Stormhaven and check out the newly-available Hammerdeath Arena; we've been seeing a lot of great activity on the PTS so far, and can't wait to bring it to the Live megaservers later this year! In the meantime, be sure to watch our recent panels from PAX West 2016 with Lead PvP Designer Brian Wheeler where he answers your questions about dueling, and shows off the new system:


    Dueling Basics

    Challenge another player via the social wheel

    Both players are granted Battle Spirit when the fight begins

    A duel is over when one participant has been reduced to 0 health (you get a free resurrect, don’t worry)

    Two Players Per Duel

    Dueling is not limited by level –any level character can duel any other level character

    Duels are anchored to a flag

    There is a limit to how many fights can go on in an area

    There are limits to where you can duel

    Dueling is Optional

    Don’t want to duel? No problem.

    There is an option to auto decline duels in your social panel!


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