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ESO's Housing System is now Live on Xbox & PS!

By Bmichaellogan2017-02-28

There's no place like home after an exciting day of adventuring in Tamriel. Starting today, the dream of owning a house in The Elder Scrolls Online becomes a reality on Xbox One and PlayStation®4! Player housing, Master Crafting Writs, Furnishing Crafting, new Crafting Motifs and more await you in the Homestead update.




We're thrilled to welcome our players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to Homestead! Your journey as a proud Tamriel homeowner starts today. Watch our Welcome Homestead video to learn more about what awaits you in ESO's latest game update:




Tamriel homes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from charming villas to grand estates. With 39 unique dwellings to choose from, there's a perfect place in Tamriel for everyone. And buying a home is just the beginning – you can personalize your abode with the robust Housing Editor tools and over 2,000 individual home furnishings and decorations. You can also own one of every home if you like. If you want to dedicate a home to your sweetroll collection, we won't judge. All dwellings are account-bound, too, so all your characters can enjoy the comforts and conveniences of home.

   •Player housing, complete with the following:

     39 homes, available for purchase with gold or crowns

     Robust Housing Editor tools

     Over 2,000 unique home furnishings and decorations available for purchase with crowns, gold, or created with Furnishing Crafting

     Home previewing

     Specialty furnishings

     Customizable home permissions for guildmates and friends

     Housing achievements with four prestigious new titles

   •Furnishing Crafting

   •Master Crafting Writs

   •Four new Crafting Motifs:



     Ra Gada

     Silken Ring

   •Cyrodiil vendor changes and improvements

   •Improved rewards for Cyrodiil town quests

   •Dungeon ready check added to the Dungeon Finder

   •Champion Point cap increase from 561 to 600

   •…and more!




If you'd like more details about the new features and additions listed above, as well as the base-game fixes and improvements, head on over to our Homestead patch notes for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Check out our Homestead articles and guides to learn more about the player housing system and some of the new systems:


   •Introducing Homestead

   •Homestead Basics Guide

   •Homestead Furnishing Crafting Guide

   •Homestead Master Writs Guide



With the launch of Homestead on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, we've introduced a new “Houses" category in the Crown Store. You can purchase 39 unique homes (furnished or unfurnished) and over 1,500 home furnishings with crowns (either in the Crown Store or through the Housing Editor.) The six furnishing packs below provide a great foundation for all your interior decorating needs:



The perfect Tamriel home is waiting for you move in, and this is just the beginning. You can expect more homes, furnishings, and improvements to the player housing system in the future.


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