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ESO Magicka Sorcerer PvE Build Guide

By Pen Slingers
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Magicka Sorcerer is a powerful and tricky build of The Elder Scrolls Online. You should learn about the build in depth to keep the build efficient with increasing game difficulty. This Magicka Sorcerer PvE build guide shows you how to unleash devastating spells, control the battlefield, and deal massive damage in ESO's PvE encounters.


Magicka Sorcerer Playstyle in PvE

When mastering the Magicka Sorcerer playstyle in PvE, a delicate balance of spellcasting finesse and strategic decision-making is crucial. The Magicka Sorcerer harnesses the raw power of arcane energies, channeling them through precise incantations and unleashing devastating spells upon their adversaries.


The first aspect that sets the Magicka Sorcerer apart is its remarkable versatility. This class has an extensive inventory of offensive and defensive spells, allowing it to adapt to various combat scenarios. Bursting onto the scene with high-damage spells, such as Crystal Fragments or Force Pulse, the Magicka Sorcerer can swiftly dispatch foes in the blink of an eye. This ensures enemies are left reeling, struggling to counter the onslaught of arcane power.


Achieving true mastery requires more than a mere display of raw firepower. The Magicka Sorcerer excels as their spells draw upon their Magicka pool. Carefully monitoring and replenishing this vital resource is vital to sustaining the relentless assault. Employing abilities like Dark Conversion or using potions ensures a steady supply of Magicka, empowering the Sorcerer to maintain their relentless barrage of spells.


To further amplify their prowess, the Magicka Sorcerer possesses an arsenal of utility spells that enhance their survivability and support their allies. Defensive wards such as Boundless Storm or Harness Magicka provide a shield against incoming damage, allowing the Sorcerer to withstand even the harshest assaults.


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Magicka Sorcerer Build Spell & Damages

A hallmark of the Magicka Sorcerer playstyle in PvE is their ability to control the battlefield with potent crowd-control spells. Employing abilities like Restraining Prison or Liquid Lightning, they can ensnare and immobilize groups of enemies, creating opportunities for their teammates to capitalize on. This strategic manipulation of the battlefield ensures that the Sorcerer remains a linchpin in group encounters, exerting dominance through offensive and defensive spell casting.


It is worth noting that the burstiness of the Magicka Sorcerer playstyle truly shines through in their spell rotation. Expert Sorcerers artfully weave together a sequence of abilities, maximizing damage output and exploiting elemental weaknesses.


Armor Sets for Magicka Sorcerer PvE Build

Selecting the right armor sets can significantly enhance your effectiveness and survivability when optimizing your Magicka Sorcerer for PvE encounters in The Elder Scrolls Online.


False God's Devotion – This armor set obtained from the Sunspire Trial offers exceptional benefits to Magicka Sorcerers. It provides increased Magicka recovery, reducing the strain on your resources during intense battles. Additionally, activating your Ultimate ability restores Magicka and Stamina, further enhancing sustain and allowing you to cast more spells with impunity.


Mantle of Siroria Found in the Cloudrest Trial, the Siroria set rewards positioning and careful play. While stationary, you gain a substantial Spell Damage bonus, making it ideal for encounters where you can maintain a stationary position. Coordinating with your group to ensure optimal positioning allows you to harness the full potential of this powerful set.


Medusa – Obtainable from the Arx Corinium dungeon, the Medusa set offers an enticing combination of offensive and defensive benefits. This set enhances your Critical Strike chance and Critical Damage while granting Minor Force, increasing your Critical Damage even further. With Medusa, your Magicka Sorcerer becomes a force to be reckoned with, dealing devastating blows to enemies while maintaining a sturdy defense.


Mother Ciannait - Found in the Depths of Malatar dungeon, the Mother Ciannait set provides substantial defensive bonuses to bolster your survivability. It offers increased Max Magicka and Spell Resistance, reducing incoming magical damage and providing a solid foundation for your offensive onslaught. This set is precious in encounters where survivability is paramount.


Remember, the armor sets should be tailored to your playstyle, personal preferences, and the specific encounter you're facing. Experimentation and adaptation are crucial to finding the perfect combination that suits your needs.

ESO Sorcerer Class

The Sorcerer Class


Skill Setup for Magicka Sorcerer

Creating an effective Magicka Sorcerer build requires careful consideration of the skills you choose to employ. You can maximize your damage output, survivability, and utility by selecting the right combination of abilities.

Damage-Dealing Skills

Crystal Fragments – This ability unleashes a powerful, instant-cast projectile with great damage. It can become instant-cast when activated, allowing for quick burst damage.


Liquid Lightning – This ability places a field of electrical energy at the target location, dealing continuous damage to enemies within its radius. It synergizes well with other area-of-effect abilities.


Elemental Blockade – A damage-over-time ability that creates a wall of elemental energy, continuously damaging enemies within its area of effect. It applies a status effect based on the type of staff used, such as burning, chilling, or concussing.


Bound Aegis – This toggled ability increases your Max Magicka, Spell Damage, and Damage Shield strength, bolstering your overall damage potential.


Utility and Support Skills

Power Surge – When activated, this ability grants you Major Sorcery, increasing your Spell Damage for a duration. Additionally, it heals you for a percentage of the damage dealt, further enhancing your sustainability.


Daedric Mines – These summonable mines detonate when enemies approach, dealing area-of-effect damage. They can be strategically placed to control the battlefield and provide additional damage.


Boundless Storm – This ability envelops you in a swirling storm, granting you Major Expedition and increasing your movement speed. It also damages nearby enemies, making it useful for mobility and offense.


Mages' Fury – This execute ability deals massive damage to enemies below a certain health threshold, making it perfect for finishing off weakened foes.


Race Selection for Magicka Sorcerer

When selecting the ideal race for your Magicka Sorcerer in PvE content, choosing a race that complements your playstyle and enhances your magical abilities is crucial.


1. High Elf (Altmer)

High Elves are a natural choice for Magicka Sorcerers due to their inherent affinity for magic. Their racial passives, including Highborn, Syrabane's Boon, and Elemental Talent, provide increased Magicka, Magicka recovery, and spell damage, making them excellent damage dealers with improved resource management.


2. Breton

Bretons possess a natural aptitude for magic and are renowned for their spellcasting abilities. The Breton racial passives, such as Gift of Magnus, Spell Attunement, and Magicka Mastery, offer enhanced Magicka pool, cost reduction, and spell resistance, making them versatile and durable casters.


3. Dark Elf (Dunmer)

Dark Elves possess a balanced blend of magic and martial prowess, making them suitable for Magicka Sorcerers who value versatility. Their racial passives, including Resist Flame, Dynamic, and Destructive Ancestry, provide increased fire resistance, spell penetration, and bonus fire damage, complementing the Sorcerer's spellcasting abilities.


4. Khajiit

While not traditionally associated with spellcasting, Khajiits offer unique advantages to Magicka Sorcerers. Their racial passives, such as Carnage, Nimble, and Robustness, improve critical damage, movement speed, and health recovery, allowing for a more agile and versatile play style.


5. Argonian

Argonians possess innate resilience and adaptability. Their racial passives, such as Resourceful, Argonian Resistance, and Quick to Mend, enhance healing and receive maximum Magicka and potion effectiveness. While their bonuses may not directly boost offensive capabilities, their survivability and support potential make them viable for healers or hybrid Magicka Sorcerer builds.


These are just a few races that synergize well with Magicka Sorcerers in PvE. Ultimately, the choice of race should align with your preferred playstyle and the specific role you wish to fulfill in group content.



In this guide, we have discussed ESO Magicka Sorcerer PvE build in detail. Although playing with this build can be fun, it takes more work to select the right set of armor and skills for this build.


If you intend to play with this build, you should read the article to learn about the latest update on this build.

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