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  • ESO Events 2022: Undaunted Celebration Event Guide
    By Michel Z2022-09-06 00:00:00

    The Undaunted Celebration begins at 10 AM EDT, September 8, and it runs until September 20, at 10 AM EDT. It's one of the best events of The Elder Scrolls Online because defeating group-dungeon bosses during the event nets you valuable style pages and Event Tickets. 


    What Is the Undaunted Celebration Event

    The Undaunted Event celebrates player coordination in defeating some of the most challenging bosses in the 4-man dungeons. Killing and looting dungeon bosses grants players various goodies and consumables, including gold, style pages, Undaunted Keys, and more.


    How to Join the Undaunted Celebration Event

    To join the event, you can travel to any dungeon found throughout ESO via your map, Group Finder, or a specific dungeon's Overland entrance. You can start by doing the introductory quest Glory of the Undaunted, which you can obtain by speaking to Serileth at any Undaunted Enclave, traveling to an Impresario tent, or picking it up for free in Crown Store.


    Undaunted Celebration Event Rewards


    Undaunted Reward Boxes

    Each day, when you defeat the final boss of any group dungeon during the event, you will get a normal version of the Undaunted Reward Box. If it is your first dungeon boss of the day, you can receive a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box as an additional loot drop.


    The Undaunted Reward Boxes are guaranteed to drop an item set piece from the dungeon in which the box was obtained. Both versions of the Undaunted Reward Box include a guaranteed chance to drop one of the following items:


    •    A random Motif style page from the following:

    •    Mazzatun

    •    Silken Ring

    •    Bloodforge

    •    Scalecaller

    •    Fang Lair

    •    Huntsman

    •    Silver Dawn

    •    Moongrave Fane

    •    Stags of Z'en

    •    Icereach

    •    Pyre Watch

    •    Thorn Legion

    •    Hazardous Alchemy

    •    True Sworn

    •    Waking Flame

    •    Crimson Oath

    •    Silver Rose

    •    Ascendant Order

    •    Dreadsail

    •    1,000 Gold

    •    An Undaunted Key

    •    A Crown Repair Kit

    •    A Riding Lesson


    In addition to the above, a Glorious Undaunted Reward Box includes a chance to drop one of the following:


    •    Opal Monster Weapon styles for

    •    Velidreth 

    •    Ilambris

    •    Troll King

    •    Engine Guardian 

    •    Bloodspawn

    •    Chokethorn 

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    Opal Monster Mask Style Pages

    If you are interested in the Masks, you can get the Opal Monster Mask Style pages by defeating the Veteran Hard Mode final bosses from:


    •    Cradle of Shadows Dungeon (Velidreth)

    •    Crypt of the Hearts 1 dungeon (Ilambris)

    •    Blessed Crucible dungeon (Troll King)

    •    Darkshade Caverns 2 dungeon (Engine Guardian)

    •    Spindelclutch 2 dungeon (Bloodspawn)

    •    Elden Hollow 1 dungeon (Chokethorn)


    Opal Monster Shoulder Outfit Style Pages

    Moreover, if you already have the base version of a Monster Shoulder Style, you can buy the Opal Shoulder version from Undaunted vendors (Glirion, Urgalag Chief-bane, and Majal-Ragath) using 50 Undaunted Keys. The vendors also sell Undaunted Opal Shoulder Coffers (25 Undaunted Keys each), which contain a random Opal Shoulder Style page.


    You can also receive an additional Undaunted Reward Box per day by completing Bolgrul's Undaunted Daily Undaunted Delve quest. Bolgrul can be found within any Undaunted Enclave.


    Some of the Style pages, such as the Opal Engine Guardian Dagger Style page, can net you a huge profit, so taking part in the event is an excellent opportunity to make ESO money, especially if you have multiple accounts.


    ESO Undaunted Celebration Event Gold Guide (Easiest Profitable Event Early September 2022)


    Event Tickets

    Like in many other ESO events, players can earn Event Tickets during the Undaunted Celebration. You will earn two Event Tickets per account by defeating a final dungeon boss each day. Note that you can hold up to 12 Event Tickets at any one time, so if you earn more while at the ticket cap, you'll lose them. Make sure to spend them before earning more.


    Also, the Imperial event merchant, the Impresario, will be available during the Undaunted event, and she will offer the following goodies:


    •    All three Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet Fragments

    •    Hallowed Hourglass Basin

    •    Illuminated Dragon Scroll

    •    Kvatchian Incense

    •    The first Two Daggerfall Paladin Costume Fragments

    •    Blessed Rubedite Enamel

    •    Captured Dragonflame

    •    Bound Style Pages for the following Opal Weapons and Opal Masks and Shoulders

    •    Velidreth

    •    Impresario Group Repair Kits

    •    Companion Guild Commendations


    You can also spend your Event Tickets at the Indrik Vendor, Nenuluare, and she is offering the Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet, Sapling Indrik Pet, and the Indrik Feathers for Nascent, Onyx, and Mossheart. 


    That is how to join the Undaunted Celebration event and get a ton of gold from it. If you like this guide, please don't forget to bookmark our ESO news page for more future content.


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