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Elder Scrolls Online Monthly Community Guides of July 2017

The Elder Scrolls Online community creates a huge amount of useful guides each and every month. Here comes the Guides of July 2017. Welcome back to ESO Community Guides, our monthly breakdown of some of the most interesting, informative, and entertaining community-created guides!



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Legendary Gaming – Vampire Guide Pros & Cons

Alex talks about the strengths and weaknesses associated with Vampirism in ESO. Are you thinking about becoming a child of the night? Check out this detailed guide.



Vress Games – Guide to Racial Passives & Start Zones

Brand new to ESO? This short guide breaks down the races and starting zones available for new characters, as well as passive skills and Alliances.



Cainbourne – Dungeon Types Explained

Cainbourne has created this helpful guide to the different types of dungeons featured in ESO, including delves, public dungeons, group dungeons, Trials, and arenas.



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Kevduit – Ultimate Thief Build for Making Gold in ESO

Interested in making some quick bank and a fast getaway? Kevduit shares this fun Thief build and guide to help you pilfer your way to extravagant wealth!



Dottz Gaming – Best Beginner Gear Sets for End Game

Dottz has a detailed breakdown of the best gear for players new to ESO's end game. If you've just started earning Champion Points and want to dive into some of the harder end-game challenges, this guide is for you.



Woeler Gaming – Tanking Sets Discussed: Leeching Plate

Woeler has produced a series of videos regarding ESO's different tanking gear, including this video featuring the Leeching Plate set.





Gilliam the Rogue – Veteran Maelstrom Arena Stamina Warden

Gilliam the Rogue shares this Stamina Warden build for players who want to clear the ever-challenging Veteran Maelstrom Arena.



Kodi – Magicka Sorcerer 1vX PvP Build

Kodi has created a dangerous Magicka Sorcerer build that is designed specifically for Champion Point Alliance War PvP campaigns and large group fights.



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