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Elder Scrolls Online: Community Spotlight - New Player Guilds

By Delia Woolf2019-04-25

If you’re new to The Elder Scrolls Online, one of the best ways you can learn about the game is to join a Guild. In our latest Community Spotlight, we chat with two well-known community members who run Guilds tailored for new players: Casual Ranger of the Ranger’s Guild and MissBizz of the Lone Wolf Help Guild. To make ready for the update, maybe you want to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Gold ahead of time. So then I recommend you a credible ESO Gold seller, MmoGah is ranked No. 1 during searching “buy ESO Gold” in Google.



Managing a Guild in ESO is no small task. What inspired you to create one aimed specifically at new players?

Ranger: What inspired me was my natural want to help others. I knew I wanted to create a safe place for new players because joining a Guild can be daunting. I know I for one used to have anxiety about it, so in a way my own insecurities inspired me to make a Guild I wish I had when I was starting out.

MissBizz: Honestly, it’s because it seemed all the Guilds available at the time had requirements I couldn’t reach or it was just plain intimidating thanks to a lengthy application process. I just wanted a fun space to learn the game with others.


What kind of events or activities does your Guild run for new players?

Ranger: We almost exclusively take new players through (normal) Dungeons. I found that there is a very large population of players who are afraid to step into them, as they don’t want to be seen as underperforming. Just getting them into a dungeon breaks down a barrier they used to have.

MissBizz: Official Guild events are almost exclusively group events! Dungeon night, World Boss runs, and multiple Trial nights are on each week. There’s also fun events like drunken fishing! We focus on group content as that can be intimidating for a new player.



What are some of the challenges that you’ve found new players experience that can be helped by joining a Guild for new players?

Ranger: I’ve had a lot of players tell me they are afraid to join Guilds because they don’t want to bother people with questions and seem needy, when in reality they are eager to learn. The Rangers Guild’s main effort is to encourage people to ask questions. Bug my officers with questions—they are there to teach!

MissBizz: Getting into group content is a big one. It’s extremely intimidating to try out Group Dungeons with random players, so having a Guild where the other players know you are new and are willing to help guide you makes the experience a lot less scary.


Do you get members “graduating” into other or additional Guilds after they’ve got the hang of things?

Ranger: Absolutely! I look at the Rangers as a stepping-stone for new players, and I encourage players to learn the ropes then branch out. Once my officers give you the tools you need to be good at the game, we want you to spread your wings. I just had a long-time member, CollyTV, leave the Rangers. He thanked me for all the help the Guild gave him with new gear and tips and tricks and has since moved on to a Trials Progression Guild. He’s doing good things there and we are still very good friends!

MissBizz: We have toyed with the idea but have chosen to instead expand Lone Wolf Help to keep the experienced players within the guild, so they can continue mentoring and helping the new players. We now run Veteran Trials and even have a Trial progression team to keep the “graduated” players joining in on the fun!


How important is your Guild base for your members? What services do you provide there?

Ranger: It’s pretty important. We offer every Mundus Stone, every attuned crafting set station currently in game as well as a Provisioning, Alchemy, and Enchanting station. We also have a banker and merchant—it’s pretty much a one-stop shop!

MissBizz: Our Guild base offers basics services, but it’s not crazy big like many you see. We have chosen to stick to basic services such as Imperial City crafting stations, training dummies, and a banker and merchant.



What is one important piece of advice you can give to players setting foot in Tamriel for the first time?

Ranger: Play how you want to play and learn the game. Guides are good, and a lot of my colleagues have amazing build guides, but save all that for once you learn the ropes. Explore the world, absorb the lore, and search every corner. Rushing to the end isn’t fun IMO, so take your time!

MissBizz: Take your time and soak it in! There is nothing magical about level 50 or CP160. You’ll learn more and become a better player by taking your time and enjoying the scenery along the way!


How can a new player get the most out of these types of Guilds in ESO?

Ranger: Ask questions! We are built with the understanding that you will be asking questions, so it’s not bothersome to us.

MissBizz: Ask questions and join events! Many Guilds also use a third-party voice chat, which even if you don’t’ like to talk, I recommend joining for Guild events. You can learn a lot from the chatter that goes on during events!


In addition to your own, are there any other Guilds for new players you’d recommend to players looking for a new home?

Ranger: I absolutely recommend Lone Wolf Help with MissBizz. It was my first guild and where I started my adventure. I owe a lot to her and the Guild; I wouldn’t be the player I am today if it wasn’t for her.

Also my good friend Sigtric runs a Trials Guild called Skal that is very new-player friendly. It was where I learned how to run Trials, and they have some of the brightest, most knowledgeable officers when it comes to them.

MissBizz: I can also recommend the Skal guild, as it helps a lot of people get into raiding. In addition to them, Rangers Guild and Ninja Cakes on Xbox One!


Thank you to both MissBizz and Casual Ranger for taking the time to answer our questions. If you’re looking for a Guild to help you get the most out of The Elder Scrolls Online, why not check them out? You can find The Lone Wolf Help Guild on Twitter and via their website, and the Rangers Guild via Twitter and Discord.


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