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Community Guides - ESO: Summerset & Update 18

Bmichaellogan May 28th, 2018 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset and Update 18 are right around the corner, but there is already a ton of great community-created content available to get you up to speed on all the new adventures, loot, and systems coming with the new Chapter and patch. Check them out in our latest Community Guides article!

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Note that these guides were based on what was available in our Public Test Server, meaning that some of the information might be a little out of date. Be sure to check in with the different community creators regularly to get updates!




Kevduit – ESO Guide to the Psijic Order

Kevduit dives deep into the new Psijic Order Skill Line and outlines all the new Abilities you'll have a chance to master when you join the mysterious monastic order.



Alcast – Psijic Order Leveling Guide

Alcast has been hard at work detailing the quickest way you can level up the Psijic Order Skill Line and unlock all of its powerful new Abilities with this guide on his website.



Woeler – Psijic Order Skill Line Review for Tanks

Woeler also takes a look at the Psijic Order Skill Line, but discusses the new Abilities based on their usefulness for PvE tanks.



Gilliam the Rogue – How does Imbue Weapon Hold Up?

Gilliam puts the Imbue Weapon Ability under the microscope and takes a hard look at how it performs against similar Abilities in a series of DPS tests.



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Fextralife – Summerset Sets Preview

There's a lot of brand-new and powerful item sets coming with ESO: Summerset. Check out this breakdown of all the new gear you can earn or craft in the home of the High Elves.



Shimmer – Sunhold Boss Locations

Shimmer breaks down all of the bosses you need to defeat in order to earn the Sunhold Conqueror, Sunhold Vanquisher, and Sunhold Goup Event Achievements with this short video.



Tianlein – Jewelry Crafting Guide

Get ready for Jewelry Crafting with Tianlein's latest preview and guide. This new crafting profession has its own rules and resources, so make sure you know how it all works. Note: Some of the ways you acquire Trait materials and resources have changed recently, so keep that in mind.





Miss Bizz – Crown Store Gifting Guide

Update 18 brings Crown Store Gifting for all ESO players, and Miss Bizz has created this quick guide to show you how it all works.



Xynode – The Easy Sorc “SO FAR!" (Summerset Testing)

Xynode has started updating his Easy Sorc build for Summerset, making use of the new Jewelry Crafting Traits to open up new possibilities for existing item sets and builds.



This is just a taste of some of the incredible guides and previews that the ESO community has created for ESO: Summerset and Update 18. Keep an eye out for more next month as we begin to see even more updated builds and guides beyond launch!


Have you enjoyed or created a new ESO guide that you think the community would like to see? We can't wait to see what the community creates!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is now in Early Access on PC/Mac and will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation®4 June 5. Pre-purchase ESO: Summerset through June 5 to receive the Queen's Bounty Pack bonus reward and gain immediate access to the ESO base game and Morrowind Chapter (digital pre-purchases only – conditions apply). Don't miss out!


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