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Celebrate ESO's Three-Year Anniversary

Delia Woolf April 04th, 2017 ESO    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Join the Elder Scrolls Online and celebrate the three-year anniversary by participating in delicious special event for a host of unique bonuses and rewards.



To celebrate ESO's three-year milestone from its initial launch, the famous baker of delectable sweets, Chef Donolon, is returning to Tamriel once more. This time he has a new, even-more delicious treat to share on top of some additional rewards to boot!


You can get all the details, including how to get your sticky fingers on the new cake, below:


    •The event begins on April 4, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT, and ends on April 18, 2017, at 10:00 AM EDT.

    •When you log in, find the acclaimed Chef in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon's Watch and complete his appetizing quest Ache for Cake.

      If you have trouble in finding him, check the Crown Store for a free Jubilee Cake Voucher, that'll grant you a quest directing you to his location.

    •Once his quest is complete, the new 2nd Annual Jubilee Cake will be added to your Memento collections.

    •You can place the cake in the world. Once placed, anybody within your group can take a slice and (for the duration of the event) receive a two-hour 100% XP buff that stacks with any other active XP bonuses. Have a party!


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In addition to the above, if you complete all daily and weekly quests during the anniversary event, you will be granted an Anniversary Gift Box (along with their regular rewards). These gift boxes contain crafting materials, but they are also guaranteed to include at least one rare item such as Nirncrux, Motif chapters, Style items, Furniture crafting items, or more. Tasty! We can't wait to see you in game and look forward to another exiting year of adventure in ESO! Happy Anniversary!


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