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Best Non-DLC Zones to Farm Sets for ESO Gold

By Michel Z2022-11-25

Are you new to ESO and looking for some places to make a fortune without having DLCs? If that is the case, you've come to the right place. Jakeclips shows you some non-DLC zones where you can farm Overland sets for gold in The Elder Scrolls Online.




Set to Farm: Shadow of the Red Mountain

Shadow of the Red Mountain has many uses in PvP content, as it can be easily combined with sets like Valkyn Skoria for easy burst damage. Its 5-piece bonus allows you to spawn a volcano, launching liquid hot lava at the closest enemy, dealing 7,120 Flame damage. The effect can occur once every 8 seconds and scales off the higher of your Weapon and Spell Damage. 


Farming Spots: Strifeswarm Hive and Crow's Wood




Set to Farm: Swamp Raider

Swamp Raider adds 544 Weapon and Spell Damage to your Poison and Disease abilities, making it a popular set used in Nightblade/Ganking/Poison/Disease builds. Usually, the jewelry pieces of the Swamp Raider are more valuable to farm and sell.


Farming Spots: Venomous Fens Dolmen, Slaver Camp, and Gandranen Ruins


Gold is the main currency of ESO, and having a decent number of gold coins allows you to build a stronger character quickly.


Malabal Tor


Set to Farm: Spinner's Garments

Spinner's Garments is a good set for PvP content. Its 5-piece bonus gives 3,138 Offensive Penetration. You will also get extra Magicka or Weapon and Spell Damage for its 2, 3, or 4-piece bonus. To get this set, you can farm World Bosses. But for money-making, the Crimson Cove Public Dungeon is excellent because there are dozens of chests. 


Farming Spot: Crimson Cove 




Set to Farm: Necropotence

The 5-piece bonus of Necropotence requires you to have a pet active, but it gives a ridiculous amount of Magicka, making it a great set for a total Magicka build. Using Necropotence is the fastest way to get the highest amount of Magicka. As a set used mostly in PvP build, its jewelry and armor pieces are the most recommended items for gold making.


Farming Spots: Eyebright Feld Dolmen, Obsidian Scar, Tribulation Crypt, Magdelena's Haunt, and Old Kalgon's Keep




Sets to Farm: Mother's Sorrow and Plague Doctor

Mother's Sorrow: Many players think Mother's Sorrow is outdated, but it can still net you a good profit. To make money by farming Mother's Sorrow, the armor and ring of the set are the most popular pieces, which is why many people farm in this zone during events.


Plague Doctor: Plague Doctor grants a lot of Health, so it is used a lot in PvP content. You will want to farm its weapon pieces to make money from this set.


Farming Spots: Forgotten Crypts, Redolent Loam Dolmen, Lady Llarel's Shelter, Dire Bramblepatch, Druitularg's Ritual Altar, Caravan Crest, Mabrigash Burial Circle Tal'deic Fortress, Lagomere Dolmen, and Siltreen Dolmen.




Sets to Farm: Seventh Legion Brute and Spriggan's Thorns

Bangkorai is also a great place to farm gear during events. There are several spots that are pretty close to each other, which makes the process much easier. 


Seventh Legion Brute: This set gives you Weapons and Spell Damage and Health Recovery when you cast an ability that increases your Physical or Spell Resistance while in combat. The weapons of Seventh Legion Brute are the best option for gold-making.


Spriggan's Thorns: As a Stamina version of Spinner's Garments, Spriggan's Thorns gives you a lot of Stamina, Offensive Penetration, as well as Weapon and Spell Damage. As for money-making, jewelry is the best choice, but it is also recommended to farm other pieces from Delves, World Bosses, Dolmens, and Public Dungeon.


Farming Spots: Summoner's Camp, Lakewatch Tower, Arlimahera's Sanctum, Ephesus Dolmen, Viridian Watch, and Razak's Wheel




Sets to Farm: Stygian and Meridia's Blessed Armor


Stygian: When you leave Sneak or invisibility while in combat, the 5-piece Stygian increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 335 for 15 seconds, making it a good set for Ganking. You can farm Stygian weapons for money in Coldharbour. But if you can get jewelry, you will also make a pretty penny.


Meridia's Blessed Armor: When you Block, you gain Meridia's Blessed Armor for 5 seconds, causing you to dodge all incoming attacks. Although the cooldown of the effect is 25 seconds, the set still sells well.


Farming Spots: Daedroth Larder, Risen Court, Cynhamoth's Grove, Zemarek's Hollow, The Grotto of Depravity, Duriatundur's Killing Field, and Village of the Lost


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