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Battlemaster’s Corner of Elder Scrolls Online – The Were Warden

Free the beast within with Alpha-Lupi's savage Warden-Werewolf build, our newest Battlemaster's Corner of Elder Scrolls Online entry!



This build is designed to bring out your inner beast. Unleash your curse on those who would do harm to innocents, and show them that werewolves are not always monsters.

The Were-Warden uses the Warden class combined with the Orc race. Designed for PvE and group activities, it is guaranteed to get you through the normal Maelstrom Arena if utilized properly. This build uses the primary bar to deal damage and secondary bar to tank.

You can find more information and additional options in the forum thread. It will be updated often to keep up with changes to the game.


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For the Were-Warden, you will need these two sets:

Dreugh King Slayer (Droppable Heavy Armor set found in the Fungal Grotto I & II dungeons)

A Heavy Armor set that grants you Major Brutality at all times, permanently increasing your Weapon Damage by 20% while also granting you Major Expedition for 20 seconds with each enemy you defeat, increasing your movement speed by 30%. This set is best utilized with any two pieces of heavy armor and all jewelry.

Pelinal's Aptitude (Can be crafted at the Colovian Revolt Forge Yard found in the Gold Coast)

This set will make your Spell Damage equal to all of the Weapon Damage accumulated throughout the entire process as Pelinal's Aptitude makes both your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage equal to the highest value. It is essential to making Hircines Rage the best (and only) self-healing move. Because the Dreugh King Slayer set uses two armor slots and all three jewelry slots, this will give you the flexibility needed when crafting the weapons and armor.

For Enchantments and Traits:


Helmet (Could be monster set): Divines: Multi-effect enchantment

Shoulders (Could be monster set): Divines: Health Enchantment

Chest: Pelinal's Aptitude: Divines: Multi-effect enchantment

Hands: Pelinal's Aptitude: Divines: Health Enchantment

Waist: Pelinal's Aptitude: Divines: Health Enchantment

Leggings: Dreugh King Slayer: Divines: Multi-effect enchantment

Feet: Dreugh King Slayer: Divines: Health Enchantment

Necklace: Dreugh King Slayer (Crab Claw charm): Healthy: Weapon Damage

Ring 1: Dreugh King Slayer: Healthy: Weapon Damage

Ring 2: Dreugh King Slayer: Healthy: Weapon Damage


Main Hand: Pelinal's Sword: Nirnhoned: Weapon Damage Enchantment

Main Off-hand: Pelinal's Sword: Nirnhoned: Any Enchantment of your choice

Main Hand Backup: Pelinal's Sword: Defending: Weakening or Shielding Enchantment

Main Off-Hand Backup: Pelinal's Shield: Nirnhoned: Multi-Effect Enchantment



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Put 21 points in both Magicka and Stamina and 22 points into Health. This will create a bit of diversity since the Orc's Brawny passive increases Max Health and Stamina by 6% while having Northern Storm slotted in the secondary bar boosts your Maximum Magicka by 8%.

The Warrior mundus stone will increase your Weapon Damage for a greater damage output all-round, but if you have trouble with resource management, try the Serpent, Steed, or Atronach stones respectively.



Put your Champion Points into the following:

The Tower:

Warlord: 50 - Break-Free cost reduction.

Passives unlocked: Ensnare and Inspiration Boost

The Lover:

Healthy: 50 - Health Recovery.

Arcanist and Mooncalf: 40 - Magicka and Stamina Recovery.

Passives unlocked: Plentiful Harvest, Synergizer, Master Gatherer, and Windrunning.

There is not much to say here, but Mooncalf, Arcanist, and Healthy can make the upkeep of resources a bit easier.

The Shadow:

Tumbler: 30 - Roll Dodge cost reduction.

Passives unlocked: Fortune Seeker and Merchant Favored.

The Merchant Favored passive can save you a fair bit of gold when repairing your gear. The reduced cost to roll dodging benefits most when dodging an opponent's attack and setting them off-balance with the Tactician Champion passive.

The Atronach:

Master-at-arms: 60 - Increased damage done with direct-damage attacks.

Physical Weapon Expert: 60 - Increased Light and Heavy Attack damage with Swords, Axes, Maces, and Bows.

Passives unlocked: Retaliation, Riposte, Butcher, and Tactician.

Since the build relies primarily on physical damage, having these is essential.

The Ritual:

Mighty: 50 - Increased Physical, Poison, and Disease Damage.

Piercing: 40 - Ignore Physical Resistance.

Passives unlocked: Opportunist, Perfect Strike, and Exploiter.

Having Mighty and Piercing will increase your damage further with most of your abilities, but with Opportunist, Exploiter, and Perfect Strike, your physical prowess will be even more powerful since the Exploiter passive combines well with the Ruffian Dual Wield passive.

The Steed:

Spell Shield: 100 – Added Spell Resistance.

Passives unlocked: Invigorating Bash, Phase, and Resilient.

The Lady:

Thick Skinned: 30 - Reduction from incoming Damage Over Time .

Passives unlocked: Spell absorption and Shield Expert.

The Lord:

Heavy Armor Focus: 80-90 - More Physical Resistance while wearing five or more pieces of Heavy Armor.

Passives unlocked: Field Physician, Infusion, and Revival.

Make sure your gear is in good condition, as if your heavy armor is dinged up, you will lose the effects of Heavy Armor Focus until you repair it by spending gold or using repair kits.




Dual-wield primary:

Silver Shards - A good Stamina ability that hits up to five additional enemies within five meters of the target for 50% less damage.

Bull Netch - A free ability that regenerates Stamina over time as well as providing major Brutality/Sorcery for the duration.

Subterranean Assault - A powerful move that, after three seconds, deals poison damage to enemies in a 20x7 meter radius as well as applying major Breach/Fracture to them for 10 seconds. Aim and timing is key in order to make the most out of this ability.

Arctic Blast - A good Magicka ability that pairs well with Bloodthirst for healing. It heals 10% of max Health on activation and 2% every two seconds for 10 seconds while also dealing frost damage to nearby enemies every two seconds for the duration.

Bloodthirst - A Stamina based move that hits a single opponent five times, with the final hit dealing 300% more damage and healing for 60% of the damage done.

Pack Leader (Ultimate and Werewolf transformation) - Transforms you into a white werewolf with added Sprint, Speed, and Armor. Your Light Attacks deal bleed damage over eight seconds and Heavy Attacks hit more than one target. In addition to this, it spawns two friendly dire wolves that can deal damage. Notably, the dire wolves will distract enemies, giving you a bit of breathing space to deal the best possible amount of DPS.



Feral Pounce – Keeps you in werewolf form for an additional four seconds if the target is more than 10 meters away while also dealing damage and stunning them for two seconds if they were already disoriented or set off-balance.

Hircine's Rage - Not only heals you, but it will temporarily increase your weapon damage by 10% which stacks on top of the 20% damage bonus provided by the Dreugh King Slayer set. If you have Maturation, it will also increase your max health by 10% for 10 seconds since it counts as a self-heal. The amount you heal will also improve since the Dreugh King Slayer set is paired up with Pelinal's Aptitude, making your spell damage equal to your weapon damage.

Claws of Life – Not only meant for dealing more damage over time, but since it heals you for 50% of the disease damage done, it is most useful for large groups of enemies where you can rake in the damage and the health simultaneously.

Rousing roar - Good for fearing opponents, but what it also does is increase your allies' Weapon Damage by 20%. Be wary, for the Major Brutality will not apply to you since you have the permanent Major Brutality buff from the Dreugh King Slayer set.

Howl of Agony - By far your most lethal ability, as it does a massive amount of damage plus 30% more against feared targets.



One-handed and Shield secondary:

Deep slash - Surprise an enemy with a sweeping lunge, dealing physical damage to the target and less to two additional targets, reducing their movement speed by 60% for 12 seconds while also applying Minor Maim to them.

Arctic Blast - Heal 10% of your max health upon activation and an additional 2% every two seconds for 10 seconds while also dealing frost damage to nearby enemies every two seconds for the duration.

Ice Fortress - Wrap a cloak of ice around you and nearby allies within a 28 meter radius, six targets gain Major Ward and Major Resolve, giving a huge boost to Physical and Spell Resistance for the duration while also granting the caster Minor Protection, reducing damage taken by 8%.

Bull Netch - Primarily used to keep your Stamina in shape by regenerating Stamina over several seconds while providing the Major Brutality/Sorcery buffs.

Pierce Armor - Strike an enemy with disciplined precision, dealing physical damage and taunting them to attack you for 15 seconds while also applying Major Fracture and Major Breach, reducing their Physical and Spell Resistance for 12 seconds.

Northern Storm (Ultimate) - The perfect tanking ultimate. Damages six targets in a 10 meter radius every second for eight seconds and slows their movement speed by 70% while granting allies Major Protection, reducing their damage taken by 30%. While slotted, it increases your Maximum Magicka by 8%!



All of the passive skills for Orc race, Dual Wield, One-Handed and Shield, Werewolf, and Warden class skill lines are important.

For a complete list of Passive Skills and more information, check out the forum thread.



How you employ this build will be instinctively up to you, but here are some words of wisdom: Let your inner wolf guide you, and try to take care of it as you take care of yourself.

Being a werewolf means sharing your existence and soul with the spirit of the wolf, and with this build you will never truly be alone!



Thank you to Alpha-Lupi for sharing their werewolf build. Don't forget, you can find more information and updates to this build on this forum post.

Want to submit your own creation for consideration? Simply fill out our official form. All builds are welcome, whether they're focused on PvP, PvE, competitive, or casual play. If you have a fun build you want to share, send it out way!


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