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Aldmeri Dominion Guide of the Elder Scrolls Online

Delia Woolf October 25th, 2016 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Aldmeri Dominion is a Faction in Elder Scrolls Online. When word reached the High Elves of Summerset that the Imperial City had fallen under the control of the human supporters of Molag Bal, the Aldmeri Dominion was formed. The High Elves reached out to the neighboring races of Wood Elves and Khajiit with a plea that their combined forces might prevent the younger races of Tamriel from bringing disaster to the world, as they had so many times in the past. The High Elves were the original settlers of Tamriel and created the common tongue used throughout the continent today. They are also naturally proficient with magic. The Wood Elves inhabit the thick, near-impenetrable forests of Valenwood. They are supreme hunters, guides, and masters in sneaking and thievery. They are also the most gifted archers in all of Tamriel. The Khajiit, a proud feline race, are fearsome warriors, proficient with bladed weapons. They stand proudly at the forefront of every battle. The power and determination of the Aldmeri Dominion should not be underestimated.

The Aldmeri Dominion was formed by Queen Ayrenn to fight the forces and influence of men and are a ruthless alliance. Supporting the Queen are 3 of Tamriel’s most loyal races: Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit. They are united, loyal and all serve under the Queen to win any war. Ayrenn has always viewed humans as not near good enough to rule Tamriel. Men were fragile, weak & die easily. Using this as justification, the ones that should forever rule as proposed by the Divines of Tamriel, was to be filled by the Aldmeri Dominion. The Dominion controls the provinces of Summerset Isle, Valenwood and Elsweyr. The heart of the Dominion is located in Elden Root, concealed within the thick vegetation of Valenwood and guarded by the Bosmer. They are one of the most tightly bonded Alliances in Tamriel; their power, loyalty and purpose (and a very stubborn Queen) maybe enough to claim victory in Tamriel, over the other Alliances.

History and Background

The Aldmeri Dominion has adopted as its symbol the eagle sigil of the High Elves of Summerset. For the Altmer, the soaring eagle represents their ancestors, the Aedra, who came from the heavens trapped in physical form when Nirn was created. The Aldmeri Dominion was formed sometime between 2E 430 & 2E 583 by the Altmer (the ‘brainchild’ of Queen Ayrenn). They were afraid of the disaster that the young races could bring to Nirn. After the news of the Imperial City being taken over by Molag Bal worshippers had reached Summerset Isle, the Altmer reached out to their old friends, the Bosmer and Khajiit. As had been done before, they swore that with the combined forces of the three races, they will prevent impending disaster. The Aldmeri Dominion was led by the young Queen Ayrenn. She inherited the throne when the previous Altmer ruler, her father King Hidellith, died. She was, for sure, one of the youngest leaders in the history of Mer. She was just 25 years old when she became Queen (7th of Frostfall, 2E580). In spite of her youth, Queen Ayrenn was said to have virtues rare among her kind. She was an honorable, intelligent and stubborn leader. Before she took the role of a queen, she was an adventurer and had set foot in every province of Tamriel.

Aldmeri Dominion Races


The High Elves (Altmer) came to Tamriel many thousands of years ago from Old Aldmeris. There is no question whatsoever that they see themselves as the ruling race of Tamriel. They are very highly cultured and well known for their breathtaking architecture and immense libraries of histories and creative artwork. For the most part they tend to keep to themselves, pretty much remaining on Summerset Isle, and only emerge when startled by threats to the homeland. They are powerful mages and warriors, and the de facto leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion. Altmer Skills and Builds


The population of the Khajiit has dwindled in recent years after a devastating outbreak of Knahaten Flu. The Khajiit are strong and proud and extremely intelligent. They owe a huge debt to Queen Ayrenn for her help in containing the chaos that followed the horrible plague. They have a wry wit and a hedonistic outlook, however, they are a serious force to content with on the battlefield. They are considered the strong arm of the Dominion. Khajiit Skills and Builds


The Wood Elves, or Bosmer, are mischievous, curious and nimble. Because their homeland of Valenwood is often attacked by the Colovian Imperials, Wood Elves are experts at the art of defense. They are also gifted archers, perhaps the best in all of Tamriel. The capital of the Aldmeri Dominion, Elden Root, lies in the heart of their homeland. It has evolved into a center of political and cultural importance and is of vital strategic importance in the battle to control Tamriel. Bosmer Skills and Builds.

Aldmeri Style

Aldmeri Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online. It requires eso-crafting-motifCrafting Motifs 25: Aldmeri Dominion, which is divided into several chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece. These are found in the Imperial City as drops from chests and bosses, but only by members of the Aldmeri Dominion.

Where to find Aldmeri Motifs

Chapters of this style can be found in chests in both Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. Only players belonging to the Aldmeri Dominion facton can find these, so players from other factions will need to purchase them from vendors or other players.

Aldmeri Dominion Arms and Armor

Attention smiths, forgers, weapon-masters, and arms crafters: the following are the specifications for all work to be done for the Aldmeri Dominion military. We expect the finest workmanship in every piece, for those of Aldmeri heritage can do no less, but deviation from these norms is not acceptable. I have heard some commentary to the effect that the Aldmeri Eagle is overused in these designs. Such remarks are contrary to Praxis. Do it right. Do it well. Do it to honor the Ancestors.

Group Dungeons

Group Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online are intended to be completed in coordinated groups and feature detailed quests. They can be accessed from any faction and at any level, and grant a skill point and achievements upon completion.

Group dungeons have Normal and Veteran modes. Normal follows the character progression through the zones. Veteran is after level 49, and adds mechanics, difficulty and story to each dungeon, with the plus side of wonderful end-game loot.
























Complete level 1-50 grinding guide


Total time taken from 1-50 for me and Polaris was 22 hours 51 minutes playing time. I would recommend leveling in a pair and synergizing your skills with each other

Helpful tips before you start:

  •You get more exp while grinding as a duo, rather than alone

  •AoE is required to get the most out of grinding

  •The amount of exp you get is based on the mob’s level

  •You only gain full exp from mobs that are above/below you by 5 levels, you may also miss a lot more hits

Auridion: Level 1 – 20


















Skip the tutorial if possible to enter the starting zone at level 3

Start by grinding at zone one until you reach level 8

Move to zone two until level 10

Move to zone three until 20 after that it is time to move area.

Greenshade: Level 20-31

















Grind at zone one till around 31 all though you can leave at level 28 if you get bored like we did. These mobs do give fighters guild experience you should finish up around fighters guild level 5-6 if you stay the whole 11 levels here

Malabal Tor: Level 31-34

















Just find your own route around the town and ruins. DON’T DO THE QUESTS! It will turn this farming zone in to a town.

Reapers March: Level 34 -44


















Zone one until level 40 it’s a really small zone so just keep going around in circles.

Once you’ve hit level 40 move to zone two, keep going from camp to camp. The spawn time here is high enough that you don’t have to stop killing

Cold harbor: Level 44 – 50

















We found two spots that are amazing. I personally like Cliffs of Failure (zone two) the most as it’s a bit more hidden and not as heavily farmed.

Zone one is enter-able by the black forge entrance and the mobs you farm are in the first room.

Zone two is enter-able through a portal once inside the cliffs of failure take the second bridge leading up on the right.


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