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  • A Guide to the Upcoming Necrom Chapter of ESO
    By hamzaas2023-05-16 00:00:00

    The Elder Scrolls Online is an award-winning series and one of the most successful games developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. This long-running fantasy MMO game is all set to release its new chapter, Necrom, in the summer of 2023.


    If you're a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online, you're probably feeling pretty hyped for the upcoming Necrom chapter. With just a month to go until its release, we've put together a comprehensive blog post that covers everything you need to know about this exciting new addition. Be sure to give it a read to learn more about the ESO Necrom chapter.


    What Is ESO Necrom Chapter?

    From what we have learned from the Global Reveal of ESO Necrom chapter, the developer has made a standalone experience for its users. The storyline of Necrom is still connected to the Shadow over Morrowind Saga. 


    This new chapter will begin with the Q1 Dungeon DLC, Scribe of Fate. Scribe of Fate will offer 4-Man PVE Dungeons, Scrivener's Hall, and Bal Sunnar. The player can enjoy both of these Dungeons in Normal and Veteran difficulty. 


    Furthermore, the High Isle chapter has added over 30 Hours of new content, including a new storyline, such as Equipment Challenges, new quests, and more. 


    Mysteries and Secrets Lie in Necrom

    As we all know, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge, Hermaeus Mora, has many secrets protected from Mortals and Daedra. The mysteries are closely guarded by the ones who know and are at risk by unknown forces.


    Now you have to discover the Dark Elves of the Telvanni Peninsula and explore a scheme that threatens reality itself. The prince of Knowledge needs mortal assistance, but can you truly trust Hermaeus Mora?


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    Two New Zones in Necrom 

    In the new chapter, Necrom users can explore two new time zones, the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. The Telvanni Peninsula is located along the eastern coast of Morrowind and is home to the house of Telvanni. If you have explored the Sadrith Mora, you would be familiar with the region's alien landscape, including the mages and giant mushrooms. 


    Necrom is also known as the city of the dead; it has not been seen in an Elder Scroll game since 1994, the Elder Scroll Arena. In this new chapter, users will have the opportunity to venture into the Dark Elf city, discover it, uncover history, and more.


    In the ESO Necrom chapter, users can explore new stories of Apocrypha, Hermaeus Mora's realm, and uncover their Mysteries and secrets. 


    The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom New Features

    With the new chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, new features are also introduced, along with new classes, storylines, and locations. Here is a list of some new features that you will find in the new ESO Necrom chapter. This feature will make your gaming experience more exciting and thrilling. 


    •    New Class Arcanist 

    •    12 person Trail 

    •    New two Companions 

    •    Storyline of Shadow over Morrowind 

    •    Two New time zones 

    •    New region Telvanni Peninsula 

    •    Delves and Public Dungeons 

    •    Necrom New Trail: Sanity's Edge


    In this New chapter, the developers have introduced a new 12-player Trail, Sanity's Edge, described as similar in scope to Rockgrove and Dreadsail Reef. In your adventure through the Trail, you will face a strong party. Moreover, in this Trail, you will enter the mind of a powerful member of the Mages Guild, where all the wars between dreams and nightmares are happening. You just have to sort reality and fantasy through a surreal quest with danger at every step. 


    In your adventure, you will find new mechanics which should build your approach to combat and help Sanity's Edge to stand out. In this new Trail, you will face new monsters throughout your journey till your final destination. The monsters that will feature prominently in this new ESO Necrom chapter include the mind terror, the lurker, and the seeker. 


    Necrom New Class – Arcanist

    Arcanist's Apocryphal Gate Skill

    Arcanist's Apocryphal Gate Skill


    With the release of the ESO Necrom chapter, the players will have access to a brand new playable class. 


    This new class has awesome abilities with brilliant green energy. Arcanists defeat enemies and aid their allies with ancient magic and cosmic body horror. Like Warden and Necromancer, Arcanist has three skill lines: healing, built around tanking, and damage. 

    Casting the skill of Fatecarver in ESO

    Casting the Fatecarver Skill


    Additionally, this new class has some very hard-striking abilities, and the overall design is amazing. The bright green laser beams are very rare for the players. 


    New Companions in ESO Necrom

    During their global reveal, new Companions were introduced to help players during their adventure through the Telvanni Peninsula. Sharp-As-Night and Azandar-AL-Cybiades are the new Companions introduced in this new chapter. These new companions are for those users who missed out on partners; these companions help you throughout your adventure in this game world. 


    Now let's introduce you to these Companions briefly, Sharp-As-Night is an Argonian Warden, and no one knows his backstory. It is a mystery for everyone. All we know about Sharp is that he is a mercenary from Blackmarsh. All the memories are lost to him, but we can help him regain his memories so that we can know more about his past and what he belongs to.


    On the other hand, Azander Al-Cybiades was introduced humorously in the presentation by describing his character as Willy Wonka meets Dumbledore. 


    You will take on the Necrom chapter with these Companions and explore The Elder Scrolls Online world with them as your partners. Hopefully, they will help you in your journey in the ESO Necrom chapter.


    The Elder Scrolls Online New Content

    In this new chapter, you will have plenty to see and explore all the new areas introduced in it. On your adventure, you will find lots of Delves points, will meet new people, and explore side quests. A new public dungeon will also be available in Necrom for the players to challenge. 


    This chapter will also introduce a new world event where the player has to overcome it. All the players heading towards the Apocrypha must defeat invading forces and three new powerful bosses to continue their adventure. 


    As we have told you, a 12-Player Trail will also be introduced to the game. This will be a unique and a new experience for all the players. If you succeed in this, you will have achieved new powerful gears and rewards. 


    ESO Necrom Release Date & System Requirements

    Fans waiting for this chapter's release will not have to wait more because the release date of this popular game is only one month away. The Necrom chapter is expected to launch on June 5th, 2023, for PC and Mac devices. On June 20th, 2023, this chapter will officially launch for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. 


    However, to play this game, you will need an ESO account. Then you can easily install the New Necrom chapter on your device. But before getting an account, you will have to check that your PC has the right system requirements to enjoy every aspect of it, including the portal-switching combat. 


    For Windows, the minimum system requirements are mentioned below 

    •    Operating system Windows 7 or Above 

    •    Processor: Intel Core i3 540 or Higher 

    •    Memory 3GB RAM

    •    Graphics: NVidia GeForce 460 or AMD Radeon 6850

    •    Storage: 85 GB

    •    DirectX: Version 11

    •    Sound Card: DirectX 


    These are the minimum system requirements of a PC if you want to get the most out of your gaming experience. You can also enjoy this game on your console; here is the list of consoles that are compatible with this game.


    •    PlayStation 4 and 5

    •    Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S 


    Final Verdict 

    As the launch of the ESO Necrom chapter is near, this guide will tell you all you need to know about its storyline and what to expect from this chapter. We can assure you that the launch of Necrom will become the highlight of this summer in the gaming world. This game's new chapter is all set to release in June 2023 on PC and consoles. The information we provided in this blog will help you know more about the new chapter of this immensely popular series.