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The Important Affair Happened in Nostalrius/Elysium You Need to Know

Shirley Huang January 16th, 2017 Elysium    Elysium Gold    Elysium Power Leveling   

As many nostalrius fans knew that there are important events happened last Saturday. Here Mmogah shares some important message from Nostalrius official community:

“As we explained, our goal was to relieve pressure on Blizzard by providing a home for vanilla WoW in order to lower tensions and begin building a WoW community that includes Legacy WoW players.

The following values that have always been at the heart of any of our actions:

Achieving official Blizzard Legacy servers;

Helping as much as we can to unify the WoW community together.

Contrary to our expectations, our decision to release our source code and character database to Elysium actually made our 2 goals harder to achieve, implying a thought decision to make.

Now we need to continue convincing the World of Warcraft community that it would bring continued value to the entirety of World of Warcraft, something we missed to achieve so far. We know that Nostalrius carries the hopes of the legacy community but moving from “fan server” to "pirate server" reputation makes it harder to convince that legacy fans have a place on the WoW community.

We ask Elysium to join this effort for Legacy realms by stopping to use data that we provided. We know they aim at official legacy realms as we do. We have already stopped the account transfer process from our side as a first step. Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers, it is about official legacy realms.”

From here, you know that Elysium legacy realm can’t use the data and transfer the account from Nostalrius realm. Nostalrius server is no longer private servers, it is the official legacy server.


There is another important message from Elysium-project:

“All characters that have existed in the game world since Elysium’s launch until now will be maintained and all Nostalrius specific data will be wiped.  Nostalrius realms will be renamed to Anathema PvP and Darrowshire PvE.

All future Nostalrius related data will be denied. The new realms will not be affected, and Elysium will not disclose any Nostalrius’ data, such as the databases and core.

We are using this opportunity to communicate the first numbers of the project:

52% of Nostalrius active accounts transferred over 16 days (token generator uptime)

155% increase of active accounts compared to Nostalrius.

50% of total accounts were active in the last 7 days

17,000 players simultaneously online on re-launch

30,500 players simultaneously online over 4 realms

62 volunteers.

Part of the World of Warcraft community as a whole (not just private servers) feels that we are pirates and have shady practices. However, we only have one motivation: To restore and grow passion to a game that we love, and that many thought to be gone forever. We want to abide by the game’s creators by any means, we are able to show good will, which is why we are taking these steps. However, despite this stance, shutting down is not an option until real action is taken on their part to create Legacy servers.”

From here, you can see that Nostalrius realms are renamed to Anathema PvP and Darrowshire PvE. All existed in the game’s characters since Elysium released, who will be maintained. All nostalrius specific data will be wiped.


Now there are four realms in Elysium server:

Anathema PvP/Nostalrius PvP

Darrowshire PvE/Nostalrius PvE

Elysium PvP

Zeth'Kur PvP – this realm was released on January 13th.


As you know, the environment within this game is wonderful, and so many players would like to take part in. We always update the news with Elysium fans. Now Elysium/Nostalrius gold and power leveling services are in extremely high demand upon the launch/renamed of these vanilla servers. We highly recommend ordering from a reputable site that farms the gold legitmately.

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