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  • The Important Affair Happened in Nostalrius Begins You May Not Know
    By John Ryan2015-12-31 00:00:00

    Most nostalrius players knew that many accounts had been banned, but some players may not know the real reason. Here MmoGah as one of the best nostalrius gold sites and a professional nostalrius power leveling site in the gaming industry who shares the important message that comes from Game Master Team.


    "150 accounts have been banned for exploiting a node respawn bug: our policy regarding bug exploitation is very strict, as stated in our terms of use.

    However, some cases may be manually reviewed, only if all of the following conditions are met:

    1- No exploitation has been done after 15:12 server time (time of the system announcement).
    2- All the exploited items must have been removed
    3- None of the items may have been traded, sold or exchanged. It includes using secondary characters as banks, trading item in the auction house, mailing the items, and so on.
    4- The appeal must have been posted before the 1st January 2016


    If you meet all of these conditions, please mention it on a ban appeal topic on the "Account Issues" forum. If all the conditions 1-4 are met, all these additional elements will be taken into account during the manual ban review process, and you will then be informed of the result of this review process.”


    Actually multiple accounts (even immense amounts) had been banned, which caused many players to appeal to get their accounts back.


    One of my friend came across this situation is that his account got banned. He told me the details as follows.

    "I was playing FFXIV at that moment, my friends told me that there was a node respawn dug in nostalrius, which gave me a real thrill. So I tried to pick herb in Eastern Plaguelands. I picked for less than 20 times, since system gives random herb one or two each time, and I got totally 32, and then went on playing FFXIV. After GM’s announcement, I did not pick, and threw all the herbs. None of my herbs were traded, sold or exchanged, but my account still got banned.”


    Actually the similar situation happened in other games. For example: FFXIV 14 and wow, but their bug lasted for a long time, and few accounts got banned.


    From here, we know that the bug existed for a short time, and large numbers of accounts got banned in nostalrius, which had not happened before. You can see GM team is very strict with management in nostalrius begins.


    Considering your account’s safety, MmoGah would like to share the useful information with you.


    1. If you find unusual bug in game, we advise you to stop your action. Do not covet small advantages, otherwise your account will get banned, which is a big loss.

    2. After receiving the GM’s announcement, you must remove or delete all the grinded items. You can’t trade, sold or exchange items which includes using secondary characters as banks, trading item in the auction house, mailing the items and so on, otherwise, your account won’t be given back.


    3. If your account get banned, and your behavior is in accord with GM’s announcement, you do not worry about it, and create a thread in the support sub-forum that includes your character name, server and any useful information regarding the events that can speed up investigative process. Make sure you mention all the details on what you did, including where it was, when you started, when you ended, when you deleted the items, etc...


    The account’s safety is still the most important factor when you buy nostalrius gold, which need you to choose a reliable website. You can evaluate websites from their reputation, delivery time, delivery methods and price, and you can read this article: the best place to buy nostalrius gold to learn more.


    All in all, we hope that you can keep your account safe and enjoy your game!