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Light's Hope: the Elysium Realm Renames and Three Realms Timeline Updates

There are some good news are coming to gamers these days.

1. Blizzard Plans to Bring Back Vanilla World of Warcraft Servers, and Official Legacy Servers are now being created by Blizzard.

2. Elysium Project has released the newest fresh realm: Nighthaven PvP on Nov 5, which is going to be a fast-paced progression realm, starting on version 1.2.

3. Light’s Hope Team will rename the Elysium Realm and update the timeline of three realms.

Here MmoGah as one of the best light’s hope gold stores would like to share some new information about future plans for the project, including change realm name, update timeline information and PvP gear.

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Realm Renames

The Elysium realm is being renamed to Lightbringer.

Anathema and Darrowshire will retain their existing names

As it has become too confusing for the community if the Elysium realm keeping its name since the new project has split from the Elysium Project. Given that they've elected to go a different path with their realms, light’s hope team decided to rename the Elysium realm to avoid any confusion for branding purposes. Due to this rename, gamers will need to perform some file, folder and words-within-files renames to avoid having to completely redo their addons.

Anathema and Darrowshire will remain the same, as light’s hope team original plan to rename them back to Nostalrius PvP/PvE respectively, but they was requested by Nostalrius not to do this.

Timeline Updates


Anathema currently has no ETA for patch 1.12 - "Drums of War".


Patch 1.9 - "The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj" will be released on November 22, which begins the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort.

Patch 1.10 - "Storms of Azeroth" will be released four weeks later after the first defeat of C'thun.

Patch 1.11 - "Shadow of the Necropolis" will be released eight weeks later after 1.10.


Patch 1.8 - "Dragons of Nightmare" will be released on November 22.

Patch 1.9 - "The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj" will be released on December 13, which begins the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort.

Patch 1.10 - "Storms of Azeroth" will be released four weeks later after the first defeat of C'thun.

Patch 1.11 - "Shadow of the Necropolis" will be released eight weeks later after 1.10.

Public Test Realm

Patch 1.9 will be released on November 15.

All Darrowshire characters will be copied to this realm.

All existing and new characters will be automatically upgrade to level 60.

Gear vendors will be made available for the AQ War Effort & Raiders targeting the World Dragons and AQ20/40 Instances.


Now the timeline seems to be close to having every realm on the same patch, maybe you think that it means merges/transfers are on the table.
For the sake of transparency, Light’s hope team has not made a decision or has any preferences. This is initial thoughts:

Allow all players to decide what type of realm they want to play on: PvE or PvP;

Allow transfers to two distinct realms of each type, merge everyone into the PvP realm if no choice is made after the time period;

Merge Anathema and Lightbringer, and then allow one-time transfers between Darrowshire and the merged realm;

Merge all 3 realms into 1 super-realm and start a fresh start server.

Player versus Player Changes

The limitation of creating premades is being removed from Anathema.

Light’s hope team has not introduced a limitation to premades on Lightbringer or Darrowshire.

PvP Rank Gear Rewards

They are still reviewing the findings of the community regarding the changes to PvP gear availability.

World Buffs
In an upcoming maintenance, light’s hope team will introduce a Quest NPC after Anub'Rekhan that will allow players to vote on whether or not they'd like World Buffs to be re-enabled in the instance.
Darrowshire and Lightbringer

For the release of Ahn'Qiraj, light’s hope team will disable World Buffs as they have with Anathema's Naxxramas initially.

As always, you can keep up to read the latest news about the Light’s hope Project.

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