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How to Get Nostalrius Gold Safely and Protect Account from Banning

John Ryan March 18th, 2016 Elysium    Elysium Gold    Elysium Power Leveling   

Nostalrius Begins - Vanilla 1.12 blizzlike private server focused on scripting and quality, developed since 2010 by 16 devs, released on 28/02/2015. Nostalrius Begins, commonly referred to as just Nostalrius, has been the most popular server in the all wow private servers. It has a very high player base, regularly having over 15000 players online at peak times, with lowest points of 8000 players on at off-hours. It is an internatial server based in Europe, France, but more and more players from United States and China.


Nostalrius has the strictest account management among all MMORPGs I know. The Nostalrius GMs ban accounts crazily over than you could imagine. In some big MMORPGs as World of Worcraft, Archeage, Guild Wars 2, if a player bought gold and got caught, the gold would be removed from the account, usually the account won’t get banned, but this game’s GMs would ban the account without hesitation.


So then you would ask: “Can not I buy Nostalrius gold for my account?” The answer is that you can buy gold for Nostalrius, but you must choose the safest way to purchase. The safest way which has been proved by Mmogah is that delivering Nostalrius gold via AH. The items put in AH need to be unusual ones which drop from quests or dungeons, and of course different items are better.


Some players play with their friends or have two accounts, who trade gold each other or trade gold between their two accounts. They think it is normal action as most MMORPGs, but their accounts would most likely get banned. We have a conversation with one of our Nostalrius customers.

a conversation with one of our Nostalrius customers

He has two accounts and bought gold from us via AH for his lower level account, then he traded gold to his high level account. He thought it was safe, but it isn’t. So do not trade gold with any accounts even if two accounts are both yours. By the way, you could probably get your banned accounts back by posting on the nostalrius official account issues forum.


As of now Mmogah has successfully delivered more than 250 Nostalrius Gold orders without any troubles to buyers, over 60000 Gold for PVP Alliance & Horde and PVE Alliance & Horde with cheap prices and fast delivery. We also have fufilled more than 60 Nostalrius Power Levering orders, and 5 orders are under way.


Hopefully the information I offer can be useful for nostalrius players. When you need nostalrius gold, you should choose the safest method to get gold to protect your account from banning. You guys enjoy the gaming.


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