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How to Avoid Getting Hacked When Playing Elysium /Nostalrius

Shirley Huang January 09th, 2017 Elysium    Elysium Gold    Elysium Power Leveling   

Elysium PvP fresh realm had released last Saturday, until now the online population have reached near 8500 players. This fresh realm was born from the desire to capture World of Warcraft in its original state, so that players can share their passion with the world once more.

Elysium realm also gives players a chance to take a fresh stab at old school player-versus-player with a brand new vanilla PVP server, so many players want to take part in this new fresh realm, but they are worry about their account’s safety, since there has been a lot of discussion lately about hacked accounts.

Hacked Account means that the account has been hacked or accessed by player that was not the creator or owner. For example: if you used a password on other private server and also use it on Elysium, your account will get hacked.

Elysium-project’s database has not been touched and is completely safe and encrypted. These hackings occurred, since the victims used the same account/password to log on multiple servers. The individuals who hacked the accounts has been found and everything he stole has been frozen.



Here mmogah as a professional Elysium/nostalrius gold site shares this important news from Elysium-project community, and gives some advices to keep your account avoid getting hacked.

“As the first vanilla legacy server to use 2FA, we feel it will not only protect countless accounts from hackers, but is also a big step in the direction of establishing legitimacy. Now, let’s show you how the system works, and you can enable one of the two solutions as follows.

- IP Lock with authenticator: if you log in from an IP that is different from the last one you used to connect to the game, you will have to enter a verification code.

- Always use authenticator: you will always have to enter a verification code on login.

In order to enable a two-factor authentication solution, you will have to confirm it through an email. There have been issues in the past with our web servers reaching the allotted amount of emails we can send certain providers, such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Because of this, you should be patient in waiting for the confirmation email and only retry it once an hour.

While this authentication will be optional, we strongly advise that you keep it enabled at all times. With the protection offered by 2FA in conjunction with having a strong, unique account name and password, your account is impenetrable.”

From here, you can see GM team is nice and always tries to protect players’ accounts. Of course, GM team is very strict with management in Elysium/nostalrius, but it is good for the server and all players. We advise that you should be careful, and obey the rules in playing your game.


There are some advices to keep your account avoid getting hacked:

- Never share your account information;

- Have a unique & complicated password, and never tell it to other players;

- Change your password among different private servers.

- Connect yourself from a secure computer and network;

- Never download unsafe files that might contain viruses/malware.

The most important factor is the account owner is responsible for the security of the account. If players leave their accounts insecure, nobody can help them to avoid getting hacked.


Hopefully these advices are useful for you. More nostalrius news you can visit mmogah.com.


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