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  • Guide to Dragons of Nightmare in Nostalrius Begins Patch 1.8
    By John Ryan2015-12-11 00:00:00

    Good news! The Dragons of Nightmare is going to come to our world once again. The dragons of nightmare will be launched on Jan 2016 for Nostalrius Begins Patch 1.8. As a gamer, you must be excited about the news update. Here Mmogah would like to share you the latest nostalrius news to you.


    There are Ysera, Emeriss, Lethon, Taerar and Ysondre in the dragons of nightmare. These dragons stand for radiance of dark energy.

    Ysera is known as the “mother” in dragons of nightmare. It is green and its duty is to protect the Emerald Dream.

    Emeriss is the most gruesome and appalling dragon in dragons. The dark power transformed Emeriss into a diseased monster within Emerald dream.

    Lethon is one of the most trusted lieutenants in dragons. It is considered to be the most formidable lieutenant.

    Taerar is a cunning and relentless dragon. It has ability to split into multiple entities. Each entity possesses destructive magical power.

    Ysondre’s power is formidable and it is not hesitate to crush anyone who closes to it. 


    It is difficult to attack or beat them, since they all have strong abilities

    No.1      Spraying - Dragons can spray to random players around them, and make players sleep for 4 seconds.

    No.2     Noxious breath - Since Dragons’ breath is noxious, players should avoid it.

    No.3      Tail Sweep - The dragons’ tail can sweep players within 30 yards, which beats back many players.

    No.4     Aura of Nature - When Players close to a dragon, an invisible Aura can interrupts them.

    Each dragon also has a few unique abilities, so we can’t ignore them. One of them is the dragon's ace move will be performed when dragon is in danger of losing life. Dragon has so strong abilities that we should build a team, gather our allies, and then join the battles!


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