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Guide to Dire Maul in Nostalrius Begins

John Ryan January 15th, 2016 Elysium    Elysium Gold    Elysium Power Leveling   

In Nostalrius Begins, Dire Maul is a three-wing instance found in north central Feralas. It was once an ancient night elf city that turned to ruin. Dire Maul has three separate-but-connected wings: Dire Maul East, Dire Maul North and Dire Maul West. Here MmoGah as one of the best nostalrius gold sellers and a professional nostalrius power leveling site would like to share some useful information to you.



Dire Maul itself is a large square. You can enter its main area from the south, and the Dire Maul Arena is in the middle of the main area. You should drop into the Arena to fight the monsters, after that, a door on the west side leads you through a long underground corridor to the outside again.

Dire Maul East is the easiest wing among the three wings of Dire Maul, and you need to start with it to get the key to the north and the west wings. There are also a number of quests and bosses spread throughout the East wing, you should finish the quests and beat bosses to get some loot.


Dire Maul North is one of the best places to farm Rugged Leather in the game. You can easily to speed up your skill of farm Rugged Leather. You can kill the ogres in the nearby chambers if you want to get additional green loot and cloth.

When you enter Dire Maul North, you will find a big yard with Gordok Hounds. At this time, you should kill and skin them. If there are ogres and hounds together, you should kill them with single-target, and keep the hounds away from ogres. If the ogres die up the hounds, it may be difficult to skin hounds. If you reach level 75, it only takes 4 minutes to kill and skin all the Grodok Hounds, and you will get over 20 stacks of Rugged Leather per run.


Dire Maul North has two different ways that you're able to run it.

A normal run means you kill all of the bosses.

A tribute run means you ignore all of the bosses and only kill the king.

After killing the king, the tribute is put on the floor, and all the guards grant you a powerful character.


Dire Maul West

When you enter Dire Maul West, you will come across many pylons with mana elements. It is important that you kill all of the elements around the pylons. After all the pylons are cleared, you can attack the last boss.

If you beat Shen'dralar, you'll get next quest to catch the Prince Tortheldrin. When you open the chest, you'll get 3 rewards and an amount of XP.


All in all, Dire Maul is the hardest instance in nostalrius begins. If you can’t beat the bosses, you may fail. We advise you to buy nostalrius gold (nostalrius gold kaufen) to strengthen your weapons, or buy nostalrius power leveling service to level up your character.


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