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Where to Get the Sword of Light or Darkness in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

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In the vast and immersive world of Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree, the Sword of Light and the Sword of Darkness stand out as unique due to their ability to transform into one another at will. Both of these extraordinary weapons originate from a third weapon known as the Stone-Sheathed Sword.


To obtain the Stone-Sheathed Sword and unlock its transformation into the formidable Sword of Light and Sword of Darkness, you must seek out the three Altars of Light and Dark scattered throughout the Land of Shadow. This comprehensive guide provides detailed instructions on obtaining the Stone-Sheathed Sword and transforming it into the powerful Sword of Light and Sword of Darkness.

the Sword of Darkness (left) and the Sword of Light (right)

the Sword of Darkness (left) and the Sword of Light (right)


The Three Stone-Sheathed Sword Locations

The Stone-Sheathed Sword is a crucial item to obtain before acquiring either the Sword of Light or the Sword of Darkness in Elden Ring. It can be found in one of three possible locations, and it will always be at the first location you search.

the three Stone-Sheathed Sword locations

the three Stone-Sheathed Sword locations


To obtain the Stone-Sheathed Sword, you need to visit one of the following three altar locations:


1. Inside the Fog Rift Catacombs in the Gravesite Plain.

2. Inside the Ruins of Unte in Scadu Altus.

3. At the end of the invisible bridge in the Ancient Ruins of Rauh.



1. Fog Rift Catacombs

The first altar is located at the Fog Rift Catacombs, which can be accessed by crossing the Ensis Greatbridge and heading northwest from the Castle Front Site of Grace. At the far north end of the path, you will find the entrance to the Fog Rift Catacombs.


In the Catacombs, you will encounter a long room adorned with three sets of spike traps descending from the ceiling. To navigate this treacherous area, you must go to the platform at the end of the room where a mage stands. Once there, standing on the very edge will provoke the traps to descend once again. As they do, a small cubbyhole will be revealed, providing passage to a higher platform as the trap ascends back to the ceiling.


Upon reaching this elevated ledge, you should take the opportunity to pick up the Blinkbolt Ash of War. Afterward, you should execute the same baiting maneuver to leap onto the spike platform. Once atop the platform, you must swiftly traverse to the far right corner of the room, where a final platform awaits. This platform can be accessed once the spike traps have ascended back to the ceiling.


Within this concealed area lies an Altar of Light and Dark, offering the chance to obtain the coveted Stone-Sheathed Sword.


2. Ruins of Unte

The Stone-Sheathed Sword can be found at the second altar within the Ruins of Unte, situated in Scadu Altus. Accessing the Ruins of Unte requires passing through the main gate of the Shadow Keep, located beyond the Golden Hippopotamus boss. Upon reaching the ramparts outside, you should pause at the base of the stairs, which are guarded by the Fire Knight and lead up to the Specimen Storehouse.


Exploring the area near the staircase, adjacent to the boats under the watchful eye of Vulgar Militiamen, you will come across a ladder leading down to a small waterfall. Passing through the waterfall and following the path will lead to a room housing the esteemed "Domain of Dragons" painting.


Within this room, by striking the wall on the right, a concealed passage is unveiled. This passage guides the way to a stone coffin, allowing for interaction that transports you to the Castle Watering Hole in Scadu Altus, situated below the Shadow Keep. Directly facing the Castle Watering Hole Site of Grace, lies the Ruins of Unte.


Accessing the Ruins of Unte involves tossing a Hefty Furnace Pot into the basket of the deceased Furnace Golem obstructing the entrance. Inside the Ruins, slightly to the right, an Altar of Light and Dark awaits, offering the opportunity to obtain the esteemed Stone-Sheathed Sword.


3. Ancient Ruins of Rauh

The final location of the Altar with the Stone-Sheathed Sword is situated in the Ancient Ruins of Rauh, a sub-region within Rauh Base. Access to this area is only possible through the Shadow Keep. To get there, you must navigate through the Living Jar area beneath the Specimen Storehouse and cross the long bridge leading west out of the Shadow Keep to reach the Ancient Ruins of Rauh.


After navigating through the ruins and overcoming the Furnace Golem, you will arrive at the "Rauh Ancient Ruins, West" Site of Grace. Proceeding southwest into the adjacent ruins and ascending the stairs will lead to an exit into the northern garden, which then provides access to the rotted area of the ruins, patrolled by the Kindred of Rot.


Traversing through the rot area and making a right turn, you will proceed onward onto an outdoor ledge. From this vantage point, one end of a broken bridge will be visible at your feet, while the other end connects to a distant tower. However, it becomes apparent that the bridge is not actually broken, but rather concealed from view. By confidently riding across the invisible bridge, you will ultimately reach the third and final Altar of Light And Dark, where the coveted Stone-Sheathed Sword awaits discovery.


How to Get the Sword of Light

Once you have the Stone-Sheathed Sword, you can transform it into the Sword of Light, an even more powerful version featuring an area-of-effect Holy damage skill known as "Light".


To obtain the Sword of Light, you need to take the Stone-Sheathed Sword to an unused Altar of Light and Dark and interact with it. The altar where the Stone-Sheathed Sword was first found cannot be used; you must use one of the other two altars. For example, if the Stone-Sheathed Sword was found in the Fog Rift Catacombs, you can only obtain the Sword of Light from the Ruins of Unte or the Ancient Ruins of Rauh.


Once an unused Altar of Light and Dark is located, you should approach it and interact with it while in possession of the Stone-Sheathed Sword. A prompt will appear, asking "Raise the Stone-Sheathed Sword to the light?" Clicking "Yes" will transform the Stone-Sheathed Sword into the Sword of Light.


How to Get the Sword of Darkness

After obtaining the Sword of Light, you can further transform it into the Sword of Darkness. Similar to the Sword of Light in terms of scaling, attacks, and Holy Damage, the Sword of Darkness possesses a unique skill called "Darkness" that releases clouds of damage-dealing darkness instead of rays of holy damage produced by "Light".


To obtain the Sword of Darkness, you need to take the Sword of Light to the final unused Altar of Light and Dark in the Land of Shadow. By locating this final altar and interacting with it, you can raise the Sword of Light to Darkness and transform it into the formidable Sword of Darkness.


In conclusion, you can seamlessly switch between these swords' powerful versions to best fit your needs by revisiting specific altars. The journey to acquire and master these legendary weapons adds a new layer of depth to Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree.


That is how to obtain and transform the Stone-Sheathed Sword into its powerful counterparts. For more helpful content, please stay tuned.

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