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New Announcements of Diablo 4

By Ansley2023-04-13

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Diablo 4 announcements, we will go through the most recent announcements of Diablo 4, some of which are pretty surprising.


A New Gem Tab

It is possibly going to add a new gem tab so that gems don’t take up too much space in the inventory, and the inventory will save seven spaces possibly. It’s a pretty idea, as it’s always better to have more inventory tabs than fewer. You don’t waste time putting a gem in different places of inventory.


Necromancer Summons Luminance Levels

Necromancer skeletons looked a lot more like the skeletons of monsters in the early gameplay. But in the Beta, they looked completely different, and they were much larger and looked more cartoony and floaty. They are definitely completely different than how they looked in some previous games.


The skeletons have such great spreadsheet DPS, but it’s not effective DPS because you spend so much time moving. Whenever you get into harder content, spreadsheet DPS will become more relevant because you spend more time standing and hitting one NPC.


So Necromancer summons luminance levels are not finalized and will be adjusted for launch.


New Announcements of Diablo 4 content


Many More Legendary Powers

There are so many more legendary powers beyond what is on display. No doubt the codex of power contains less than half of the legendary powers found in Diablo 4. We haven’t seen a lot of legendary powers yet. The ones that we haven’t seen will be even cooler than we have seen. They’re going to be very balanced.


The Color of the Werebear or Werewolf

Druid’s hair color will affect the color of your Werebear or Werewolf. This is great, like World of Warcraft, which did something similar. All types of player customization are pretty much good.


Getting Legendary Items Freely

If a legendary item drops and you don’t pick it up, it gets sent to your stash up to a max of 10. But when you miss any more than that, those legendaries are lost. You will want to pick them up, especially rare items because they are high value.


Remaining Clans

Clans will remain how they are but may have more features added. If you joined a clan within the Beta, you might think there weren’t too many extra things that you get for being in a clan. After they add new features in Clans, maybe you will have a different view.


White and Blue Rarity Items

In a past developer update, why would somebody use a blue item in the end game? Blue items could roll with higher stats than other item rarities. But blue and white items will never be better than rare legendary, uniques, or even set items. Now white and blue rarity items will have no place in the end game.



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