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How to Hold Rare Material for Summoning Duriel and Defeat It in Diablo 4

By Ansley2023-11-01

Diablo 4 is a highly anticipated action role-playing game Blizzard Entertainment is currently developing. One of the game's features is the Season of Blood, a special mode that allows players to summon and fight powerful endgame bosses, such as the Echo of Duriel. Duriel, also known as the King of Maggots, is a fearsome demon lord who can drop some of the best items in the game, such as Uber Uniques. However, summoning and defeating Duriel is not an easy task, as it requires players to collect and use rare materials that are hard to obtain and easy to lose. This article will explain how to hold to rare material for summoning Duriel and defeating it in Diablo 4.


How to Hold Rare Material for Summoning Duriel and Defeat It in Diablo 4 1

What Are the Rare Materials for Summoning Duriel?

To summon Duriel in Diablo 4, players need to deposit two Shards of Agony and two Mucus-Slick Eggs into the Pestilent Altar in the Gaping Cravasse dungeon. These materials are obtained by defeating two other endgame bosses: the Echo of Varshan and Grigoire. Each boss drops one material per kill, so players must defeat them at least twice to get enough materials to summon Duriel. However, there are some challenges and risks involved in getting these materials.


First, players can only get these materials in World Tier 4, the greatest difficulty level in the game. This means that players need to have a high-level character with good gear and skills to survive and deal damage in this tier. Moreover, players need to complete certain quests and tasks to unlock access to these endgame bosses. For example, players need to rescue Anya from Nihlathak's Temple and find four body parts of Varshan from Whispers of the Dead quests.


Secondly, players can only carry one copy of each material at a time. Players cannot stack or store these materials in their inventory or stash. If players want more materials, they need to use or discard the ones they already have. This also means players can lose these materials if they die or disconnect from the game. Therefore, players need to be careful and avoid unnecessary risks when they have these materials.


How to Hold Rare Material for Summoning Duriel?

Given the difficulty and rarity of these materials, players may wonder how to hold to them until they are ready to summon Duriel. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do so:


•  Plan ahead. Before you start farming for these materials, make sure you have a clear goal and strategy for using them. Decide when and where you want to summon Duriel and how often you want to attempt it. Also, ensure you have enough time and resources to complete your plan without interruptions or distractions.


•  Farm efficiently. To minimize the time and effort required to get these materials, try to farm them as efficiently as possible. Please choose a suitable character class and build that can handle the endgame bosses and their minions. Equip yourself with proper gear that can enhance your survivability and damage output. Use the waypoints and portals to travel quickly between locations. Learn the patterns and mechanics of the endgame bosses and their summons, and use effective tactics against them.


•  Use wisely. Once you have these materials, use them wisely and sparingly. Do not waste them on unnecessary or unsuccessful attempts at summoning or defeating Duriel. Only use them when you are confident and prepared for the challenge. Also, do not hoard them for too long, as they may become obsolete or irrelevant in future updates or seasons.


•  Trade carefully. If you have more materials than you need or find it too hard or tedious to farm them, you can trade them with other players who may need them more. However, be careful when trading these materials, as they are very valuable and sought-after. Only trade with trustworthy and reliable players who can offer you fair and reasonable deals. Avoid scammers or cheaters who may try to trick or rob you of your materials.


How to Hold Rare Material for Summoning Duriel and Defeat It in Diablo 4 2

How to Defeat Duriel?

After successfully summoning Duriel in World Tier 4, you will face one of the toughest battles in Diablo 4. Duriel is a level 100 boss who has a high amount of health and defense, as well as powerful attacks and abilities. Therefore, you need to be well-equipped and well-prepared for this fight. Here are some suggestions on how to defeat Duriel in Diablo 4:


•  Choose a suitable character class and build. Some classes and builds are more effective than others in fighting Duriel. For example, a Rogue with a good AoE attack skill can increase the chances of taking Duriel and his Plague Maggots all out.


•  Equip yourself with proper gear. Some items can enhance your survivability and damage output against Duriel. For example, items with poison resistance can reduce the poison attack from Duriel. And it is better if you always have elixirs on your hand.


•  Use hit-and-run tactics. Duriel has a lot of health and defense, so killing him may take some time. Therefore, it is recommended to use hit-and-run tactics against him, where you attack him briefly and then retreat to avoid his pincers or heal yourself. You can also use ranged attacks to damage him from a safe distance.


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