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Diablo 4 Season 4: Fury Bash Barbarian Build – 122+PIT without Elixir

By Nancy G2024-06-05

In Diablo 4 Season 4, Loot Reborn Bash is one of the Best skills that has been buffed tremendously with the new tempering effects reaching a crazy amount of damage while staying very tanky. It is awesome for High PIT Push 118+ and Pit leaderboard as well and can handle all other content, such as Tormented Uber Bosses, with ease.


 D4 Fury Bash Barbarian Build pic


How the Build Works

The main idea of the build is to utilize the new cool tempering that we can add to all of our weapons. Bash Cleaves can provide for an additional percentage of damage. It can be so high, especially 200 weapons reaching 500% of additional damage, which makes Bash an amazing skill for the current meta.

Ramaladni's Magnum Opus

On top of that, since Bash is a basic skill and costs no Fury or even generates Fury, we can use Ramaladni's Magnum Opus. With Ramaladni, we will receive a multiplicated damage bonus per each point of Fury that we have, and since we don't have any skills that pretty much cause the Fury, we will stay at the maximum at almost all times.

Edgemaster's Aspect

It also allows utilizing Edgemaster's Aspect. Since we always have maximum Fury, they're generating it constantly with Bash attacks.

All of that together makes Bash Barbarian a huge damage dealer, especially when we have maximum Fury, and we will have it pretty often.


How to Use Defences of the Build

War Cry

We can use War Cry to get the damage up.

Challenging Shout

We can use Challenging Shout with Iron Skin to reach an amazing Absorb Ability—especially iron skin, which can create a huge barrier. Whenever there is a little damage we can click it. On top of that, with tactical iron skin, we will be able to Heal tremendously for almost full health whenever they are using iron skill, and it makes the Barbarian a very tanky character. We can stack lots of health and Crit Chance on items.

Steel Grasp

We can use a steel grasp to group enemies together, clean them fast with our Bash, and move forward to the next pack.

Call of the Ancients

For bosses, we also have the call of the ancients, which are going to provide some additional attack speed and damage bonuses. That way, the build is very simple to play, and we can utilize a lot of simple skills such as shouts by clicking them all the time when they are not on the cool down and use some skills that are good in the moment, such as steel grasp, for example.


How to Sustain Berserking

I recommend spamming steel grasp constantly because steel grasp can have a passive fighter steel grasp. It's going to give us two seconds of Berserking whenever steel grasp is damaging an enemy, and since we don't have a lot of cool down for steel grasp, it should be around 7 seconds, and we have a lot of ways to lower our cooldowns. We should have steel grasp very consistently, and I recommend spam it even at bosses, for example to keep berserking up.


Unique Items

Ramaladni's Magnum Opus – Best chance to drop from Grigoire and Lord Zir.

Tuskhelm of Ioritz the Mighty

Harlequin Crest

Paingorger's Gauntlets



Chain of Adaptability

Edgemaster's Penitent Hammer

Ramaladni's Magnum Opus

Rapid Wolf's Bite

Spinal of the Moonrise

Loop of Elements

Ring of Inner Calm

Conceited Primal Gauntlets

Sovereign Mail of the Iron Warrior

Runic Leggings of Might

Hectic Boneweave Treads

Harlequin Crest


Best Stats

Weapon Stats

+261 Strength [220- 261]

+145.0% Critical Strike Damage [116.0-145.0] %

Bash Cleaves for +304.5% Damage [239.2-304.5] %

+246.5% Damage to Close Enemies [181.3-246.5] %

+159.5% Damage while Berserking [120.3-159.5] %

Ring Stats

+8.7% Critical Strike Chance [7.28.7] %

+13.1% Attack Speed [10.2-13.1] %

+131 Strength [110- 131]

+123.3% Damage to Close Enemies [90.6 - 123.3] %

Amulet Stats

+11.6% Critical Strike Chance [8.711.6] %

+13.1% Attack Speed [10.2-13.1] %

+10.6% Strength [4.5-10.6] %

Gloves Stats

+90 Strength [76-90]

+9.0% Attack Speed [7.0-9.0] %

+8.0% Critical Strike Chance [6.0-8.0] %

Pants Stats

+4 to Bash (Barbarian Only) [2 - 4]

+1,266 Maximum Life [925 - 1,266]

+2,537 Armor [2,175- 2,537]

Boots Stats

+1,266 Maximum Life [925 - 1,266]

+26.1% Movement Speed [18.1-26.1] %

Steel Grasp Stuns for +2.2 Seconds [1.6 - 2.2]



This Fury Bash Barbarian Build is one of the Best S+ PIT stompers and Tormented Boss / Uber Lilith Killers In Diablo 4 Season 4. Enjoy the Guide!

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