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  • Diablo 4: New Best Rogue Leveling Build for Season 1
    By Shirley Huang2023-07-26 00:00:00

    Rogue is going into Season 1. Rogue is as excellent as before, particularly with Imbuement builds, as there is incredible potential for that in Season 1. All thanks to that new Raffle Heart, which has a chance to apply all Imbuement effects at half their potency for free, which sounds crazy, but obviously, we're not going to get our hands on that until World Tier 4.


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    Twisting Blades Is Your Primary Skill

    We will take into the new season to power level and grind our way efficiently to World Tier 4. It's twisting blades rogue skills diablo4 wiki guideTwisting Blades again. Twisting Blades is not only good, but it's also absolutely King at everything, single target, mod clear, mobility, and damage avoidance. It's fantastic; every other main sort of meta build for Rogue is also really good; the balance is great for this class.


    When you have a stray mob that runs in the way and tanks the hits, you can argue even with the rapid flurry, it requires a bit of reasonable amount of time to set up as a build-in combo point. It really starts to pop off when you have the unique dagger condemnation, which we certainly won't have at first. Twisting Blades, on the other hand, was brilliant from the start.


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    Rogue is using the leveling build with some basic aspects. You'll be able to collect and try to record footage of how the build will play.



    The extra renowned points you may have gathered for the specialization we're using in a site are because energy is really important. It works great with Twisting Blades.


    Equipment & Aspects

    We are going to change our weapons, gear, and equipment. There are going to be a few options as we level. That is going to be an amulet, your rings, and even your gloves. If you're willing to do that, basically, the most important aspect is Bladedancer's Aspect. This causes the Twisting Blades to orbit around you for a short time, improving your damage generally, but also improving the orbit damage, based on how far the blades had to go to, return to you vital for any Twisting Blade build.


    That's why it's normally on your two-hand weapon - Crossbow, but as we're leveling, our weapons are going to change so much, so I will recommend you put the Bladedancer's Aspect onto the amulet slot to fill that slot, so you have the most powerful effect of this vital aspect. Thankfully, it's a guaranteed aspect as we can get it from the Codex; you can pick up this aspect by just going and doing the dungeon, Jalal's Vigil in Scotland, so that's on your amulet.


    The second ring I will recommend resource white legendary aspect diablo 4 wiki guideRavenous Aspect. This gives you up to 70% increased energy regeneration as you kill Vulnerable enemies, which is consistently happening in this build, so it's a major improvement to your energy generation, which is vital. Ravenous is another one we can pick up in the Codex, from the shifting City dungeon in the dry steps.


    The third aspect you're going to want on that final ring slot is Edgemaster's Aspect. This deals up to 20% increased damage based on your available primary resource at the time, so if you're at full energy, it deals even more damage. This is so good that we often have it on a two-hand weapon in a lot of builds outside of Twisting Blades, but since this is taking up our amulet slot already, we have to put it on the ring or, alternatively, the glove slot.


    If you are going to hold on to that for a while, those three are the most important aspects. We can guarantee to get them from the Codex because the Edgemaster's Aspect aspect is the one you can pick up from the Oldstones dungeon in Scosglen, so those three are non-negotiable. You must get them as soon as possible on your amulet and your two rings with the potential of a gov slot. If you're willing to go that far when it comes to affixes, you're not able to reliably have them. They're going to change a lot, but if you can get crit straight chance, crit straight damage, Vulnerable damage, and Lucky Hit chance, all of those are going to be nice to have.


    The various buffs, Exp bonuses, and gold are very helpful in your progression, which will make leveling up faster and get more rewards. 


    Paragon Board

    This is the game's endgame leveling mechanic after you reach level 50 and see most of what Sanctuary offers. The importance of these stat-based boards in high-level content cannot be understated, and they provide big buffs in the form of stat boosts and legendary nodes that grant special abilities in keeping with your class.


    diablo 4 rogue-3 


    Cheap Shot Paragon Board

    Rogues are the reigning champions of Crowd Control. While Melee builds may get more out of this node than Ranged due to the Nearby modifier, all builds will, at some point, be surrounded by enemies and will make good use of the increased damage in that situation.


    Eldritch Bounty Paragon Board

    Imbuements are incredibly powerful buffs that many Rogues utilize in their builds. Increased Resistance is useful for the defenses of any build, while increased damage is a welcome addition to a Rogue's arsenal - more damage means more dead enemies.


    Deadly Ambush Paragon Board

    Trappers will love this increased Critical Strike Damage since they'll likely be trying to maximize their damage output while enemies are inside their Traps. For those builds not focusing on this subset of the Rogue skill book, however, there is little bonus to be had from this particular Legendary node.


    Exploit Weakness Paragon Board

    Rogues inflict the Vulnerable debuff with many of their attacks, and as an extremely valuable Damage bonus, it makes its way into many builds. This stacking increased damage is particularly useful against beefy enemies, such as strong Elites and Bosses.


    Malignant Hearts

    There are a total of 12 general Malignant Hearts and four ones specific to each class.


    The Vile Apothecary is a wrathful heart that we can socket into anything. However, unfortunately, it's only going to start dropping in World Tier 4, so the start of the end game, when we get it, means our attacks will have a 5 - 15% chance to apply all Imbuement effects at 40 - 50% of normal potency, which is insane, but that's a long-term Main game.


    Let's take a look at the four Rogue-specific Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4, including their effects, stats range, and socket types! Remember that these items cannot be traded, so you will have to find or craft them yourself.


    diablo 4 rogue-4


    Closing Thoughts

    That's the build generally explained for the early days. Twisting Blades somehow have even more potential in specifically this Imbuement version build, thanks to that insane new Malignant Hearts Vile Apothecary. It's much more end game with it being required for World 2-4, but before then, you'll still have that same smooth, super fast leveling experience, only improved in convenient ways.


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