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Diablo 4: How to Get Rich Fast

By Ansley2023-03-24

How to get rich fast in Diablo 4? TagBackTV shares things he found in the game to help you make more D4 gold and legendaries. You can't miss these if you desire the best drop rate for legendaries and the fastest way to make money in Diablo 4.



The best thing is that you can get both of them in the exact same place within five minutes. You can make 25000 gold and get one to two or even more legendaries every five minutes, which means you're making hundreds of thousands of gold and filling up your inventory in storage with all the legendaries your heart could desire.


Find Anica's Claim

The loop you're going to be doing is really simple if you start off in the starting City of Kyovashad. You can go all the way up to this particular area called the Bear Tribe Refuge.


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Then, go south, and you will find this specific dungeon, Anica's Claim.


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Farm in Anica's Claim

How to perfectly optimize Anica's Claim so you can keep farming incredibly fast?


It would help if you collected Animus from Animus carriers. Each of these Animus carriers is an elite monster, which means they're going to be dropping legendaries and magic items. It will become one of your favorite zones to farm D4 items. And there is one thing that you need to keep in mind. That is to pick up all your items.


Clearing through this zone will be much easier if you can find pylons. If you go to the left side, there will be a pylon on this side. But sometimes, you might have gotten unlucky as you can meet blocking actions. So essentially, you can either run through the zone or pick up the pylons and then murder everything.


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In Anica's Claim, you can get the Greed Shrine and all the stuff when you make the rotative farming. Although getting legendaries is random, you still have more chances to get and sell potentially good legendaries. Usually, you're going to fill up your inventory before you get to the end. You can usually get one or two legendaries.


What can you do when your inventory is full, but you don't want to leave the dungeon? You can reset the dungeon, which is going to kick you out of the dungeon. You are going to teleport back to town and sell all of your items. After selling, you will run right back to your portal. Get into it, and you're going to be right in front of the dungeon, which you can run again.


One Tip: Extract Good Aspect by Occultist

If you want to make better use of all the legendaries that you're getting from Anica's Claim and don't need them for upgrades, what can you do instead of selling them? You can head over to the Occultist. If you find a particular item that has a really good aspect that you want to save, you can extract that aspect and put it on another piece of armor, weapon, or amulet here.


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You can sell items to get more D4 gold or other earning, but extracting the aspect gives you better use for those legendaries.


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