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  • Some D2R Unique Items That We Underestimated - Section Two
    By Ansley2022-07-22 00:00:00

    There are some Diablo 2 unique items we have not used fully. But they are worth choosing for their good effects. We have introduced some in our section one article.


    Moser’s Blessed Circle

    It is one of the best shields that players can toss onto a character. Players can custom-make it because it has two sockets. They can choose some items like runes or jewels socketed into it. They can upgrade it by quite a bit, and it can be utilized all the way through nightmare and hell difficulty with great effect. It has a very nice block rate, and players can get a resistance 63 shield. It is a nice item that can help fix resistance and whatever players need to do.


    moser's blessed circle 2



    The Azurewrath phase blade has a lot of amazing effects. It has the sanctuary aura, which strips physical immunity from undead monsters and gives a higher amount of physical damage. So it is a very amazing item to utilize in the chaos sanctuary. And it has a very nice speed. A phase blade is already very fast. In addition, it has an amazing 30% increased attack speed, which makes it an extremely fast weapon. Players also have massive cold and magic damage with this particular item. Although many monsters have cold resistance, players can beat them with 500 magic damage. There are a few monsters that have a resistance to cold or magic damage. When players meet these monsters, the sanctuary aura will annihilate them.





    After the update of patch 2.4, it has great fire effects, giving players a five percent chance to cast level eight blaze. Besides, players can get a very nice level of Faster Run Walk from every single level up.


    Infernostride 2


    Guardian Angel

    It could be found in two forms - ethereal form and non-ethereal form. Although it is specially designed for Paladins and can not transfer between characters, it is still extremely defensive with a 30% faster block rate, a 20% increased chance of blocking, and an increased 15% to all resistances. Any character really can get good use out of it. No matter what characters put this on, they can have a decent amount of resistance. In the ethereal version, players utilize this on mercenaries to help protect them. So when players find an ethereal version, please don’t throw it away.


    Guardian Angel


    Crainte Vomir

    This weapon is amazing because it has increased 20% faster run/walk on it. And it has a 50% increased attack speed, which is a lot of percent. It can also enhance decent damage, slow the target by 35%, and negative 70% monster defense. When players encounter an attack, these D2R weapons can reduce damage by 10%. And it can be used in two hands. If players prepare to pair it up with something like a Shaftstop, they will have a total of fifty percent damage reduction with just two Crainte Vomirs and a Shaftstop.


    Crainte Vomir 2



    It has simple statistics but max damage based on character level because it has deadly strikes, which will double physical damage and prevent monsters from healing. It can easily kill targets that aren’t regenerating. And the ethereal version of Headstriker can be upgraded into the conquest sword, which is one of the highest damage weapons.





    It has an amazing defensive capability when players find it in a really poor condition. It has a 30% faster-hit recovery, which is a lot, and will do very well to fix many characters’ problems.


    Rockstopper 2


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