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How Do You Find D2R Runes

We all know D2R Runes are important for Diablo 2 Resurrected. And we may be familiar with every Rune Style in Diablo 2 Rune List. But do you know how to find Diablo 2 high Runes or what to do to get them? So today, let’s find out together.


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What Affect Runes Dropping

1. The Number of Players in the Game

The more people are in the game, the higher chance of Runes dropped you can get because the game essentially wants to reward group play. So if you are in a group of seven players, you can get a higher chance to avoid the one-player bad circumstance that you get nothing dropped from monsters when you kill them in a single-player game by yourself.


2. Right Zones

It’s hard to estimate where each Rune starts dropping exactly, but there are some right zones where you can improve your chance of getting high-level D2R Runes. For instance, when you go to the Countess, Countess will drop a certain number of Runes. As for how many, it depends on the difficulty level when you kill her.


3. The Monsters

Some monsters hardly drop D2R Armors or D2R Weapons, but they have a high tendency to drop Items like Runes and Potions. They are listed below:


a. The Hell Buzzards are vulture demons. They can spawn in Lower Kurast.

b. Wraiths are ghosts and often inhabit the darkest dungeons.

c. Finger Mages are the monsters that create the little spiders that go along the ground and steal your mana in a Chaos Sanctuary.

d. Vulture Demons, which have a really high D2R Runes dropping chance, belong to various creature types, such as Hell Buzzards.

e. Willowisps use a Lightning attack, so equipping Lightning Resistance gear will help against them.

f. Swarms are difficult to target and are resistant to most attacks. But the rewards are generous when you kill them.


What to Do

If we want to maximize our chance to get runes, what can we do?

1. We can invite more players to join our game.

2. We can select the right zone, such as Travincal, Lower Kurast.

3. We can specifically look for monsters with a high chance to drop Runes and kill them.

4. We can look around the circle of torches. Nearby the circle of torches, there is usually something that is considered as a super chest.

5. We can click on every little skeleton and every chest to find D2R Items.


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