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  • Five Low-Level D2R Runewords to Make the Normal Difficulty Easy
    By Ansley2022-08-05 00:00:00

    In this article, we will recommend five best low-level Runewords you can use to help conquer the normal mode in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Let’s dive in.


    Ancient’s Pledge

    It is an incredibly easy Runeword that lets players do smoothly at the beginning of the normal difficulty in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Its runes are rewards for the quest Rescue on Mount Arreat.


    Because this Runeword requires level 21, players should be getting that level right around the end of Act five. Players must be level 20 to do the ancient quest of Eve of Destruction and advance to kill Baal.


    If players are not getting the runes - Ral and Tal runes on this particular quest - Rescue on Mount Arreat, they can also get them by farming the normal Countess.


    The three socketed Shield is one of the base D2R items to make this Runeword. And players can buy it from Fara in Act two or from third-party websites like MmoGah.


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    The main benefit of this Runeword includes massive resistances, which can help players when they meet Baal. And when players move forward into the game, these resistances will continue to help them out. This Runeword also has an additional 50 percent enhanced defense which can help players survive for a long time along with resistance.


    Ancient's Pledge



    It is one of the cheapest Runewords in Diablo 2 resurrected, which contains the EI rune and Tir rune.


    This Runeword can be socketed into swords, axes, and maces, which are suitable for a melee character. Only subclasses of maces can be used because the two-handed maces would not work, such as Bloodtree Stump, which is a two-handed mace-hammer. These maces subclasses include Morning Star, flail, or other higher or lower-level base items.


    Besides, the Tir rune can give players additional two mana per skill, and this Runeword can also give players an adding 25% increase in attack speed, 20% enhanced damage, etc.


    This is a great option for players when they play a melee character that uses those swords, axes, and maces.





    It contains runes that are easy to get. This Runeword can be made in any melee weapon, giving it a ton of variety to help players out and a ton of different melee builds. For example, players can put this in a spear or polearm for Act 2 mercenary to use.


    It will give us 33% enhanced damage and add 9 to maximum damage and minus 25% to monsters’ defense, etc. Especially it can have a 100% chance of open wounds, which will cause the monsters no longer to heal or not heal too fast.





    It isn’t quite universally able to use as some of the other Runewords. But it is so incredibly powerful for the builds.


    This comes with +3 to fire skills, so this is going to be a great option for those fire sources. Sorceress and any character like a fire Druid, a fire Assassin with fire skills, can also benefit from this Runeword.





    It is an incredibly commonly used Runeword. The best reason to recommend it is Stealth Runeword has an additional 25% faster run/walk and hit recovery.




    This Runeword is quite often used to play through the difficulties of Nightmare and even Hell.