• Diablo 2 Resurrected: Some Good Items for Sorceress Builds
    By Ansley2023-01-12 00:00:00

    In today's article, we will introduce several D2R items that will practically never change, no matter what variation you are on your immortal Sorceress build. These particular items will actually change randomly depending on for what purpose you're using them.

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    Increased Mana Gear


    If you want to stack Mana as much as possible and increase the maximum Mana, Frostburn can do it by 40%.

    Stone of Jordan

    Stone of Jordan can increase the maximum Mana by 25% with an additional boost to Mana inherently on the item and can add 1 to skills.

    No matter what your immortal sorceress variant is, you will want to use two Stone of Jordan rings. There are no exceptions practically ever.

    Arachnid Mesh

    Arachnid Mesh can help you meet those cast breakpoints. It can get the plus one to skills and increase the maximum Mana by 5%.

    Crafted Caster Boots

    These are s quality pair of crafted caster boots that you probably won't swap away from your setups. These are probably some of the best that you can put together in a single-player. You can increase the maximum Mana on these things, and they also regenerate Mana which can help in the build.

    For example, Blood Bite Wyrmhide Boots can regenerate Mana by 10% and increase the maximum Mana by 5%.

    Other Socketed Runeword Items

    Runeword can renew an ordinary item and update its inherent attributes or skills. If you have a lot of runes, such as Jah and Ber, there are many items that you can craft. There are many options that you will want to use in builds.

    Call to Arms Rune Staff

    When doing a lighting build, you can practically make Call to Arms into any staff that can give you five sockets. And if you want to use it, you need to make sure that the staff has at least plus three on the Energy Shield.

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    Memory Shillelagh

    You can put a Memory Runeword in your cube and swap it out to use a new Shillelagh that will save you some skill points with Energy Shield.

    Slot Charms

    If you have a lot of small charms, like Serpent's Small Charm of Strength, you can add plus two to Strength or plus two to Dexterity and plus 17 to Mana.

    And there are large charms, which can spawn with plus five to any of these attributes and 34 to Mana. It gives you a little bit better of a bonus for the space that is taken up in your inventory.

    With Sorceress PvM build, you can use some weird Skiller grand charms like Sparking Grand Charm of Strength. Although a lot of immortal sources don't actually use Skiller charms, these can make monsters pretty weak. And these will help boost your Energy Shield, and instead of life, these have plus six to Strength.

    Light Gear

    Heart of the Oak Flail

    This is huge because it gives you much of the stuff that you admire.

    Powered Circlet of Life Everlasting

    This is plus three to lightning skills with inherent damage reduced by 25. You've got two sockets, and you can put two Mal runes in there to boost up your magic damage reduction.