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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Recommended D2R Items to Arm Bowazon

Amazon is an excellent long-distance output class of Diablo 2 Resurrected. And it is a versatile class that has many skills. With different skills or items to equip, Amazon can have a variety of builds such as Bowazon, Fendazon, and Angelzon. Bowazon mostly uses bow and crossbow skills. This time we will recommend some D2R Items that are suitable for Bowazon build. Let's start now.


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For weapons, what we recommended is a bow with Faith Runewords such as Grand Matron Bow. It has a level 15 fanaticism aura which can increase attack speed, damage, and hit. The weapon's ED bonus is high. And it can add 2 points bonus to all skills and 3 points bonus for bow and crossbow skills. With this weapon, players can ignore the defense of targets, make more hits, and get 15 points for all resistance. So this is a weapon with strong attributes for Bowazon.



The excellent armor is armor with Fortitude Runewords. It can enhance 300% of the damage, which is the best output in-game cloth. And it also has a lot of bonuses for life and all resistance. Although good D2R base items can increase defense, these are too expensive. If players don't care about the price, they can use the blue Jeweler's Archon plate of the Whale, which is socketed with red and white jewels. But for most of the players, a general armor with Fortitude Runewords can fit our needs.



Players can use Vampire Gaze, which can steal life and mana when output per hit. Vampire Gaze can also reduce as much as 20% of damage when attacked by enemies.


And another choice is to use Valkyrie Wing, which has many attributes that support increasing skill bonus, faster run, quick recovering, and getting mana from each attack.


Some players may like to use Giant Skull with two sockets. It is very suitable for the long-range physical attack classes. Besides adding the 10% Chance of Crushing Blow, it has a knockback attribute and can also add plenty of strength. And socketed with two good jewels, this is a piece of very competitive equipment. But there are not many players choosing to use Giant Skull because its look doesn't match Amazon.


Besides, green Guillaume's Face is also great. And senior players also like to use super gold head rings or blue head-ring with three sockets.



The green Laying of Hands is a good one to use, which can increase 20% attack speeds and 350% damage to demons and 50% fire resistance. If players have super gold gloves, it is better because it has many attributes which can replenish life and mana. There is no need to add the bow and javelin skill attributes because Bowazon is not the same as Javazon, which needs more skills.



Razortail is good to recommend. The piercing attack can be increased by a 33% penetration rate. With level 9 throughout attacks, players can achieve 100% penetration.



Players can use Raven Frost to avoid frozen or use rings that can replenish life and mana or increase resistance.



Highlord's Wrath can add 1 point to skills and increase 20% attack speeds and enhance deadly strikes by character level.


The Cat's Eye has a 30% faster run and 25% dexterity and also has 20% attack speeds.


Atma's Scarab has a 5% chance of casting Amplify Damage. Although 5% is not high, the trigger rate is not low when matching Bowazon's high attack rate.



War Traveler is a great boot that can add 15-25 damage, and the damage can be improved greatly with the help of other skills. Besides, this boot also has 10 points for vitality and strength and 50 MF.



The mercenaries of Act 2 in Nightmare can provide a powerful aura to increase damage. Players can choose a weapon with Pride Runewords or The Reaper's Toll to arm them.


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