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  • Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.5 PTR: Everything We Need to Know about Terror Zones
    By Ansley2022-09-02 00:00:00

    D2R Patch 2.5 PTR, which includes a variety of bug fixes, goes live now. And Terror Zones, which is an experimental feature, is debuting. Below is some information on Terror Zones we need to know before diving into this new update and some advice to make the Terror Zones more attractive.


    Everything We Need to Know about Terror Zones


    What Are Terror Zones

    They are essentially randomized locations that shift every hour. Whether the location is like Tal Rasha’s Tomb, Forgotten Tower, or others, it shifts to a new location when the next hour comes. It is particularly like the time frame of an hour in which a location will always stay terrorized where the monsters have a higher leveling. And killing these monsters will grant players more experience.


    Terror Zones change the race to level 99. This measure will make a couple of niche builds a little bit more viable. In some ways, it’s like regurgitated content, but Terror Zones are a really good foundation to build off. This essential work is to break up the monotony for level 99, so lots of players can experience this level.


    What’s Good about Terror Zones

    Great Structural Foundation

    Because it totally shifts the race to level 99, making players not stuck doing Baal, Diablo, or Nihlathak over and over again, and having monsters that can provide more experience, it is a great structural foundation to improve the game.


    Good Places to Get Higher-Level Items

    There are certain locations where no immunities would be preferable to some types of builds. Whether it’s cold damage, lightning damage, or fire damage, the issue with those builds was they’d be like level 78, so you couldn’t get higher-level D2R specific items like rare TC87 items. So you’d have to farm level 85 areas to get them.


    But now there is a message thrown at the window with the terrorized content to inform you when entering a Terror Zone, which is like a new level 85 area. And there are a ton of these areas that can become terrorized. So you don’t need to go in search of 85 areas.


    Some Advice – Make Terror Zones More Attractive

    Below are some measures that could actually help to make these locations more desirable to farm:


    The first one is increasing monster density. Doing this will change how players feel about the regurgitated content. And this measure will be an incentive to go to those locations. It’d be really cool if things were a little bit fresher with a high monster density.


    The second suggestion is switching the colors on the monsters in the terrorized locations. It’s too hard to recognize similar monsters. Diablo in normal Difficulty is red and then black in Hell Difficulty. Why not just roll like a black reflection on all the terrorized monsters?


    The third suggestion is developers can introduce some new unique items that are only dropped in terrorized zones. These items are like some materials that players can use for crafting, terrorized amulets, terrorized weapons, etc.



    It is kind of a little bit easy as a larger population of players can journey to level 99. And some players definitely think that the game needs to maintain a difficulty to achieve the milestone of reaching level 99.