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Diablo 2 Resurrected Guide: A Way to Kill Andariel

How can we easily kill Andariel? Many players who have trouble with Andariel may want to figure it out. So we will introduce a good way to defeat her and also how to escape from her attack.


Diablo 2 Resurrected Guide A Way to Kill Andariel



Andariel is the only female evil found in the Catacombs Level 4. When players clear undead and demonic minions in the first room, they can focus on Andariel herself. Players can get many useful D2R unique items and set items by farming Andariel.


Andariel resistances


We can see that Andariel has -50% fire resistance. She is especially weak for any fire damage.


Not Opening the Door

The door can separate players and Andariel to help players avoid a direct attack and utilize Andariel’s weakness to gain the advantage. So keep the door closed.


andariel door


Cheesing Andariel through the Door

Players need to lure Andariel over to this door and keep themself on the other side of her. Then they can release skills through the door to attack Andariel. Although she can still detect players through the door, the poisons that she shoots can not hit them. Players can grab this advantage to control the battle and defeat Andariel.


Which skills can efficiently attack Andariel in this way? Any skill that can make an area effect through the door may attack Andariel on the other side.


We select Sorceress skills, for example. You can also test other characters and their skills.



It is among the most powerful fire spells of the Sorceress. Players can rain Meteors down right in front of the door. And the explosions from the Meteors indeed hit the monsters on the other side. When Andariel has been taken out and all monsters around her die, players can get some Gore Rider, a unique set of War Boots, and some D2R Gold.


Fire Ball

It is one of the most deadly Sorceress fire spells. When players use Fire Balls to blast, it looks like the explosion radius hit through the door. It has the same effect as Meteor.



It is also a cold spell of the Sorceress. Blizzard can create damage over a large area of effects. When players drop some Blizzards right next to the door hitting Andariel on the other side, Andariel also can be wiped out.



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